What Is a Space? 10 Creative Ways to Use and Book Space in a Hybrid World

May 9, 2024
Hybrid Work
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What Is a Space? 10 Creative Ways to Use and Book Space in a Hybrid World

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“What's in a space? That which we call a space, by any other word would smell as sweet.” Dramatic soliloquies aside, space booking in our hybrid work world can mean a variety of things, including hot desks, permanent desks, meeting rooms, labs (the sciency ones and the furry ones), robots, parking, catering, and more. In the modern hybrid workplace, efficiently managing these various “spaces” is essential for productivity and seamless operations. 

However, navigating the complexities of booking all these spaces can be a logistical headache without the right tools. A workplace management platform provides a centralized system for organizing and booking these various spaces, leading to efficient space utilization, crucial for productivity and seamless operation. Let's explore these various spaces and how you can use such a system to book them.

“Be creative in terms of what you define as a ‘space.’ Don’t restrict yourself to thinking of hot desks or meeting rooms. Think of any space or resource that might be shared.” - Steve Maclaren, Chief Operating Officer at The National Robotarium

#1: Stop Spot Scouting and Start Parking

Finding a parking space can be a logistical challenge in busy workplaces, especially in urban areas. A workplace management system can be used as a parking reservation system, enabling employees to reserve parking spots in advance and allocate spaces based on need. Start your day hassle-free by reserving a parking spot in advance, avoiding the chaos of circling the lot.

A space can also be your vehicle. Northrop, a leading Australian engineering consulting firm, lets their employees book their company cars. You can ensure that only employees with permission can book these cars by assigning them specific tags that allow them to book these special spaces within the system.

#2: Office Hoteling: Your Hot Desk for Hours or Days

With flexible work arrangements becoming increasingly common, employees often require the ability to reserve desks according to their needs for the day. Desk booking software allows employees to check desk availability, select their preferred location, and book it for the desired duration, ensuring a smooth transition between remote and office work. 

Employees can easily access a map of the office floor plan, see what’s still available, and find and book a desk in an office neighborhood that suits their needs, whether for focused work or collaborative projects. The ability to book a desk space ensures a smooth transition between remote and office work.

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#3: Labs: The Furry Kind

In the U.S., 78% of pet owners adopted pets during the pandemic (Forbes Advisor). Pet-friendly offices incentivize employees to return to the office and can contribute to a more pleasant and social work environment. Employers can assign spaces in the office that are “furry animal friendly,” similar to what they do when creating office neighborhoods based on particular departments, job functions, project needs, or equipment requirements.

#4: Labs: The Sciency Kind

Equipment booking is essential for efficient resource allocation, from specialized machinery and A/V gear to shared devices like computers, printers, and projectors. A workplace management system tailored for lab facilities allows researchers to browse available lab space and equipment, reserve them for specific projects, and track usage to prevent overbooking and ensure that people follow maintenance schedules. Additionally, you can ensure that only designated people can book the equipment by assigning specific tags in the platform that give people permission to book.

Learn more: See how healthcare organizations book specific medical equipment with Skedda.

#5: Perma-Desks: Where the Family Photo Sits

Even though hot desks are becoming more popular because of hybrid work, some employees may still need permanent desks due to their roles or personal needs. Therefore, a space can also be a permanent desk that specific employees can book for extended periods. Organizations can assign employees who need permanent desks with designated tags to ensure that no one else can book these desks on the map.

#6: Keep Calm and Bowl On

Ping pong tables, kombucha on tap, and… bowling alleys? If you're lucky enough to have a recreational space like that, those are also spaces you can book using a workplace management system. To ensure that the space doesn't go over capacity, organizations may set a quota that limits the number of people who can be in that space at any given time and the amount of time they can book the space.

#7: Get a Room

Efficient meetings depend on the availability of appropriate spaces. Conference room booking system provides real-time visibility into room availability, capacity, and amenities. Employees can easily schedule meetings, invite attendees, and even integrate with calendar applications for seamless coordination. Additionally, a platform that provides images and descriptions of the meeting rooms can help employees determine whether the space is big enough for all the attendees and has all the appropriate equipment.

Learn more: Schedule meetings seamlessly with Skedda's two-way sync with Microsoft 365.

#8: We All Scream for… Catering

When your guests book an appointment using a platform with visitor management, you can easily cater to guests' preferences by integrating requests with booking information. That includes requesting equipment or services, like video conferencing or catering, to be ready when they start. By allowing people to book appointment spaces with the option to include preferences and needs (e.g., food allergies), you can ensure a pleasant experience for all.

Try Skedda Visitor Management today for a seamless visitor experience.

#9: Book Your Robot

There are specialized equipment, and then there are specialized equipment. If you’re thinking robots—that’s right! The National Robotarium, a research center in the UK, lets employees book robots in its facility. By toggling between different views (i.e. map, list, grid) in the workplace management platform, you can visualize more than just desks and rooms. This way, you can list robots and training to operate said robots as spaces people can book as well. 

#10: See the Sights With Tour Bookings

Efficiently managing tour schedules is vital for organizations offering facility tours to clients, partners, or prospective employees. A workplace management system simplifies tour bookings by allowing administrators to set up available time slots, manage group sizes, and automate confirmation emails or reminders. That ensures a seamless and professional experience for visitors.

Read more: See how The National Robotarium uses Skedda to manage their robots and tours.

Scrap the Spreadsheets - It’s 2024!

If your organization is still relying on spreadsheets, calling around, or showing up and hoping for the best when reserving spaces, it's time to start using an integrated system up to date with the times. A comprehensive workplace management system makes it possible to reserve spaces like desks, meeting rooms, labs, equipment, parking, tours, and even catering services all in one place. 

By leveraging a centralized booking system like Skedda, organizations can optimize space utilization, improve operational efficiency, and enhance employee and visitor workplace experience.

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