Booking Calendar

Simple booking management

Streamling booking with flexible calendar views

Skedda's powerful calendar views will transform your spaces

Booking calendar interface with reporting graph

Day View

The Day View is the hub of your daily booking interactions. Effortlessly navigate through days using the intuitive user interface. From this view, users can book, manage or even group similar spaces to make administration even easier.

Month View

The Month View is a classic 'wall style' calendar view. From here, you are provided with a succinct overview of the bookings in the weeks ahead. Easily hover over bookings for more details or edit existing bookings.

Grid View

This calendar view, unique to our platform, provides you with the ability to digest a breakdown of all bookings across the month. Seamlessly filter booking data from The Grid View to narrow your search.

List View

The List View allows you to 'deep dive' into your bookings. Here you can easily search, filter, print and export booking data. Expand each booking to get a full rundown of which user is in each of your bookable spaces.

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