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Interactive Floor Plans

Interactive floor plans with real-time availability

Allow your users to view availability and book directly from a live, intuitive, interactive map, custom designed to perfectly match your floor layout.
Interactive Floor Plan - Set up your floor plan to match your location.
Space Images - Each space can feature a unique image, allowing employees to view and select their preferred workspaces.
Neighborhoods enhance team collaboration by grouping workspaces according to departments or teams.
Skedda Neighborhoods
Custom Rules
Custom Rules & Roles Engine

Better control with custom rules

Easily make decisions regarding how users can book spaces at your organization. Decide who can book and when, booking quotas, specific rules and restrictions or any other unique customization. Set up the specifics once and leave Skedda to manage the rest!
Booking Conditions

Establish specific restrictions and limits for each booking, including setting restrictions on who can book specific spaces.


Limit the overall usage of spaces (by individuals or groups) within a given time period.

Buffer Time

Create time gaps between consecutive bookings, allowing individuals or teams to organize their workspacesbefore the next employees.

Booking Windows

Keep spaces from being booked too far in advance, ensuring fair access and optimal planning.

Booking Calendar

Manage, digest & navigate seamlessly

Your Skedda calendar is where the action happens! It's the focal point, where you can easily view and manage your bookings. Toggle between the unique Day, Month, List, Grid and Map calendar views to easily digest booking activity.
Skedda Booking Calendar
Skedda Two-Way Sync
Calendar Integration

Effortless Two-Way Sync

Skedda harmonizes directly with Microsoft 365 and Outlook, ensuring meetings are synced, up-to-date, and double-booking free.
Scheduling Automation

Clever automation does the work for you

Skedda allows organizations to automate tricky, time-consuming parts of managing your bookable spaces. Our automation tools mean you can set up conditions once & forget the stress. Say goodbye to booking headaches once and for all!
Skedda Scheduling Automation
Skedda space utilization analytics
Insights & Analytics

Insights to drive space management strategy

Effective space management is driven by data, not guesswork. Skedda provides you with actionable insights that enable you to make the right decisions when it comes to smart space management. Ditch the uncertainty & make smarter decisions with Skedda.
Visitor Management

Simple and secure guest visits, from check-in to check-out

Welcome and safely host your visitors. Provide a great workplace experience for all.
Skedda Visitor Management
Skedda Secure Login
Options

Log in without passwords

Streamline the way your users authenticate with Skedda. We support logging in with existing Google, Facebook & Microsoft accounts, plus full SAML 2.0 support. Keeping security tight and user administration seamless is a breeze.
Online Payments

Take online payments with Stripe

Take online payments securely for your bookings with fully-integrated payment processing through our partner, Stripe. Collect funds upfront or with our unique ‘Book Now, Pay Later’ option. Our platform provides you and your customers with the options & confidence you need.
Skedda Stripe Integration
Support Team
All-Star Support

Friendly, fast & knowledgeable help

Our friendly, all-star team will make sure you always have the assistance you need with 24-hour availability during the week. We love solving problems & helping our customers get the most out of the Skedda platform.
Mobile Friendly

Access Skedda while you're on the move

Interact with Skedda while you’re on the move, from the palm of your hand. No need to rush back to your PC or laptop, Skedda is accessible from anywhere. With our native iOS and Android apps, Skedda’s mobile experience really shines.
Skedda Mobile App

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