Online Payments

Take online payments securely & seamlessly for your bookings with our the world-class payments partner, Stripe

Easily collect payments in a way that makes sense for your venue

Diagram of a booking form and a credit card
Diagram of a booking form and a credit card

Self-service payments

If it's a user's first time paying for a booking at your venue, they'll be prompted once to securely enter their payment method right in the same smooth booking flow. They're then saved for convenient reuse and editable by the user if their card expires or changes.

Smart payment rules

With Skedda's flexible pricing rules, you have full control over what your users pay. This can depend on the user's "tags", the space they're booking, the time of day, and of course the booking duration. Set variable rates that scale automatically with the duration of their booking, or a standard fixed rate.

Full customer oversight

Stripe equips you with a powerful and intuitive dashboard so you can quickly assess your customer's payment profiles and see your venue's financials fast. From here you can administer refunds, draw quick analytics, generate in-depth transaction reports, and even enroll your users on subscriptions so you can manage the memberships at your venue.

Security & reliability

When you choose online payments with Skedda, all sensitive information is held within your Stripe payment gateway to ensure unrivaled security. By using Skedda and Stripe, we guarantee you're ticking all the boxes with respect to PCI/PSD2/SCA compliance.

Empower employees, no matter how tech-savvy

What if you never had to worry about space management logistics again? Create a delightful experience for your whole team with Skedda.

Interactive Floorplans
Boost engagement with interactive booking experiences and a custom visual of your organization.
Rich Analytics
Optimize space utilization strategy with actionable insights into how and when employees use workspaces.
Visitor Management
Welcome and safely host your visitors. Provide a great workplace experience for all.
Automation Rules
Decide how and when people can book their dedicated spaces by customizing unique rules, policies, and booking quotas.
Integrate seamlessly with all your project management, employee experience, and collaboration software.
Mobile App
Allow your users to self-service book from any device, anywhere - even on the way into the office.
All-Star Support
Voted ‘Best Support’ on G2, our friendly, fast, and knowledgeable team is always ready to help you.
Single Sign On
Use existing credentials via SAML SSO through Google, Microsoft, and more.

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