Space Management for Healthcare Facilities

Empowering healthcare professionals to create better organized, patient-centered environments with robust room management

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Secure Booking Solution

Optimized space booking for healthcare providers

Skedda delivers secure and efficient booking solutions for hospitals, clinics, research labs, and more.
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Skedda for Healthcare
Full Admin Controls
Full admin controls

Regulate space usage with precision. Assign specific areas for confidential patient consultations or critical administrative tasks.

Space Management
Interactive floor plans

Utilize dynamic, easy-to-navigate floor plans to manage room scheduling for healthcare staff, vehicles, and more.

Smart space insights

Gain insights into room usage patterns, schedule optimizations, and resource allocation to ensure operational efficiency.

89% of healthcare practices that offer flexible work hours said employees feel positively about working remotely
~ Software Advice Survey
Custom Rules

Enhanced control with custom rules

Guarantee the efficiency and privacy of your booking processes with Skedda's configurable rules, designed to meet the rigorous standards of healthcare environments.
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Booking Conditions

Establish restrictions and time limits for each booking.


Limit the overall usage of spaces within a given time period.

Buffer Time

Create time gaps between consecutive bookings.

Booking Windows

Keep spaces from being booked too far in advance.

“With Skedda, we can now control the workload on our facilities.”
Renée Broggel
Workplace & Facilities Lead @ Quin
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Make Smarter Decisions with Space Utilization Analytics

Track how often different spaces are being used and identify any areas where space is being underutilized or overutilized.
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Skedda space utilization analytics

Connect your apps with Skedda

Effortlessly integrate your existing tech stack—from collaboration platforms and SAML SSO to Google and Microsoft.

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Elevate Your Workspace with Skedda

Say goodbye to the chaos of space allocation and welcome a new era of workplace harmony.

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