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Northrop, an expert engineering consultancy based in Sydney, Australia, uses Skedda to handle space management in their offices.


Northrop is a leading Australian engineering consulting firm that brings extensive experience in building services and sustainability.


Sydney, Australia


Managing desks, company cars and office equipment, with a flexible space-scheduling solution

Northrop CE, a team of expert consulting engineers, uses Skedda to manage bookings for their office’s desks, company cars and office equipment, all right within Skedda!

Prior to using Skedda as their space-management tool of choice, Northrop CE struggled with a lack of management and organization of their hot desks and seating layouts. Thanks to the system that they’ve set up with Skedda, Northrop CE has now established a workflow of autonomous bookings for hot desks so that all their staff can control their own bookings! This has greatly reduced the administration input required to support desk booking for 250+ staff. Northrop CE’s entire staff team is able to easily use Skedda to book the spaces they need, whenever they need them!

“Skedda was able to manage our hot desking systems and become a platform for all our staff to be able to use with ease.”

Northrop Consulting Engineers customizations include:

  • Custom interactive maps
  • Single Sign-On for secure, integrated platform access
  • Custom booking condition to ensure that specific spaces are booked for minimum booking durations
  • Custom field and custom booking-confirmation information to ensure Covid-19 compliance in the office
“We are using Skedda in our organization to be able to display our 4 offices’ seating layouts, show all desks and bookable hot desks, and including our company cars and some office equipment.”
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