Workspace Optimization for the Public Sector

Enable your agency with robust scheduling tools for desks and rooms, ensuring secure and compliant operations.

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Secure Booking Solution

Space Management for Government Operations

Skedda provides an adaptable reservation system for government offices, ensuring secure booking of desks, meeting rooms, and assembly spaces that help you meet federal and state compliance standards.
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Full Admin Controls
Full admin controls

Precise regulation of governmental space. Designate meeting rooms for interal discussions and secure areas for sensitive tasks.

Space Management
Interactive floor plans

Deploy interactive, secure floor plans for efficient scheduling of briefings, cross-department collaborations, and official functions.

Neighborhoods & spaces

Group spaces by department or function to facilitate seamless communication and interaction within governmental entities.

Smart space insights

Acquire critical data on office use, optimize scheduling, and allocate resources effectively for improved governmental operational efficiency.

"With the pandemic setting the stage for universal adoption of hybrid work models, public sector agencies have the opportunity to redesign their work systems to make their return-to-work strategy truly work."
Custom Rules
Rules & Roles Engine

Enhanced control with custom rules

Implement robust booking policies to adhere to government regulations.
Booking Conditions

Establish precise booking limits to ensure space reservations comply with public sector protocols and operational schedules.


Manage the overall usage of in-demand meeting rooms and workspaces to ensure fair access or prioritize certain teams or functions.

Buffer Time

Implement mandatory intervals between reservations to prepare spaces in accordance with government standards and readiness requirements.

Booking Windows

Schedule your spaces efficiently by setting specific booking windows to prevent double-booking and optimize space utilization.

"Skedda allows my team to make room bookings independently and has helped reduce confusion for everyone."
Valerie T
G2 Reviewer
Insights Dashboard

Make Smarter Decisions with Space Utilization Analytics

Track how often different spaces are being used and identify any areas where space is being underutilized or over-utilized.
Skedda space utilization analytics
Skedda Visitor Management
Visitor Management

Secure Client Visit Management

Enable your team to host colleagues and visitors on-site to collaborate. Visitors self check-in and check-out via a tablet or mobile device within established time windows.

Elevate Your Workspace with Skedda

Say goodbye to the chaos of space allocation and welcome a new era of workplace harmony.

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