Calendar Integration

Effortless Two-Way Calendar Sync

Skedda harmonizes directly with Microsoft 365, ensuring your meetings are synced, up-to-date, and double-booking free.

Easy Outlook Sync

Unified scheduling across platforms

Whether an event is created in Skedda or your Microsoft 365 Outlook calendar, you can automatically populate attendee lists, set precise timeframes, and even integrate Microsoft Teams meeting links with one click.
Skedda Two-Way Sync
Two-way sync with Skedda
Unified Booking Management

Perfectly synced, always updated

As soon as a meeting is booked or updated on one platform, all changes reflect immediately on the other, including attendee lists and room availability.
"It's this level of efficiency and attention to detail that makes Skedda an essential part of our meeting management."
~ Skedda Customer
Sync Harmony

Real-time room resource sync

Ensures that your Skedda setup mirrors the configurations and preferences established in Microsoft's Room & Resource settings.
Skedda Microsoft Resource Sync

Elevate Your Workspace with Skedda

Say goodbye to the chaos of space allocation and welcome a new era of workplace harmony.

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