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Space Optimization for Facilities Managers

Unlock the full potential of hybrid workspaces with Skedda, the top rated space management tool for facilities managers looking to control costs, enhance sustainability, and maximize space efficiency.
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Optimize Your space

Strategic Workspace Optimization

Transform your facilities with Skedda's powerful space planning tools. Ensure that every inch of your workspace is used effectively with Skedda’s interactive floor plans and real-time booking capabilities.
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50% of major companies will reduce their real estate in the next three years
~ Knight Frank Survey
Custom Rules
Administrative tools

Better control with custom rules

Tailor the workspace to fit your unique operational needs with Skedda’s custom rules and roles. Define who can book what and when, set permissions for team members, and establish space usage policies.
Booking Conditions

Establish restrictions and time limits for each booking.


Limit the overall usage of spaces within a given time period.

Buffer Time

Create time gaps between consecutive bookings.

Booking Windows

Keep spaces from being booked too far in advance.

Robust Analytics

Data-Driven Space Management

Track how often different spaces are being used and identify any areas where space is being underutilized or overutilized.
Skedda Secure Login
Uncompromised Security

Secure Booking at Every Step

Skedda's booking system is fortified with advanced security protocols, ensuring account and reservations are protected against vulnerabilities, complemented by seamless identity provider integration, SAML 2.0, and Single Sign-On capabilities.
Visitor Management

Streamline your visitor check-ins

Greet and manage visitors with confidence with a seamless check-in to check-out journey to your offices. Align effortlessly with your compliance and security protocols.
Skedda Visitor Management
Skedda Two-Way Sync
Calendar Integration

Effortless Two-Way Sync

Skedda harmonizes directly with Microsoft 365 and Outlook, ensuring meetings are synced, up-to-date, and double-booking free.

Elevate Your Workspace with Skedda

Say goodbye to the chaos of space allocation and welcome a new era of workplace harmony.

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