Visitor Management

Simple and secure guest visits, from check-in to check-out

Welcome and safely host your visitors. Provide a great workplace experience for all.

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Skedda Visitor Management
Visitor Management Tablet & Phone

Visitor Management

Frictionless guest experience

Simple self check-in for visitors. Immediate notification for hosts. Skedda’s Visitor Management provides an easier way to welcome guests, ensure compliance, and keep track of visits.


Visitor Management

How Skedda Visitor Management works

Ensure all visits are smooth and easy while maintaining the security of your office and work product.

Invite your visitors with a personalized email

When you create a new visit, a confirmation email is automatically sent to you and your guest.

Offer smooth and easy check-ins and check-outs

When your guest arrives, they can self check-in on a designated tablet via their mobile device.

Provide a warm and welcoming experience

Get immediately notified via email of your guest’s arrival so you can greet them right away.

Everything you need to manage visitors

Full Admin Controls
Full admin controls

System administrators can view and securely manage all visitors from a dedicated settings page.

Space Management
Space management

Know who is visiting the office in real-time or in advance to help make smart decisions on space utilization.

Streamlined Process
Streamlined process

Visitors self check-in and check-out via a tablet and mobile device within established time windows.

Automated notifications

Receive automatic confirmation emails for each new visit setup, and get notified when your visitor checks in day of.

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Already a Skedda Premium user?
Add Visitor Management in your subscription settings.

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