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A hero's welcome

Hybrid work is a journey, not a destination. Here is how to continuously monitor and measure how your hybrid work policies are being received.

Level 3 : A hero's welcome — hybrid work that just works

Congrats! You have successfully implemented one of the most essential tools in the hybrid work toolkit—a space management solution. If Skedda is your teams' wings, then you're the wind to make them fly.

But hybrid work is a journey, not a destination, and it requires consistent monitoring and measurement. This level has a collection of tools and resources to help you along the journey.

Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS)

An eNPS is a great tool to pulse check employee satisfaction and help you course correct if something is not working well. Two months into using Skedda, we recommend you run an eNPS survey with your employees to see how well the system works. 

Sample survey questions: 

  1. How satisfied are you with our new workspace management platform, Skedda
    1. Very Satisfied 
    2. Somewhat Satisfied 
    3. Neutral 
    4. Dissatisfied 
  2. Why or why not? 
  3. Are you able to find and book a desk when I want to come into the office?
    1. Yes 
    2. No 
    3. Sometimes 
  4. Have you had technical issues with booking spaces?
    1. Yes,
    2. No 
  5. If yes, please elaborate 
  6. How likely are you to recommend Skedda to a colleague, or to a friend at another company? 
    1. Very Likely 
    2. Likely 
    3. Neutral 
    4. Unlikely 
    5. Very unlikely
  7. Any comments you would like to add? 

Hybrid Work Grader

Skedda’s Hybrid Work grader—backed by extensive research and thought leaders on the best practices in hybrid work—is a great way to see how your hybrid work policies are (or are not) stacking up. The survey looks at your organization’s team collaboration, office-space design, technology and communication to surface your strengths and weaknesses in hybrid work. Keeping a pulse on your score can help you address challenges before they become real issues. 

Not Another Hybrid Work Debate Report

Skedda's Not Another Hybrid Work Debate report gathers the latest research and insights from the leading voices on hybrid work to help you implement hybrid work successfully.

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