Skedda Launches Visitor Management

October 2, 2023
Hybrid Work
Skedda Launches Visitor Management

TL;DR Article Summary

Skedda Visitor Management provides a secure, efficient, and welcoming visitor experience. Benefits include:

  • Enhanced security with visitor tracking and access control.
  • Increased efficiency with digital check-in/out via QR codes.
  • Improved visitor experience with pre-visit invitations and real-time host notifications.
  • Skedda Visitor Management is now better than ever! Check out the NEW features.
  • New to Skedda? Create your free Premium account to try Visitor Management today.

You spoke and we listened! We’re proud to announce the release of Skedda Visitor Management. In addition to using Skedda’s workspace management platform to provide great and secure hybrid work experiences, now organizations worldwide can also use Skedda to create secure, efficient, and welcoming visitor experiences

“Your employees aren’t the only ones coming in and out of the office regularly, and on different days or weeks,” said John-Henry Forster, SVP of Product at Skedda. “Now anyone, including visitors, using your workspace can have a great experience. We’re excited to continue improving Visitor Management based on your feedback.” 

With this new solution, Skedda continues to define the future of work by helping businesses design meaningful, seamless, and fully integrated employee and visitor workplace experiences.

Here’s what you can look forward to with Skedda Visitor Management:

Upgrade Security

Skedda Visitor Management enhances security by providing a record of all visitors entering and exiting the workplace—from invite, to sign-in to sign-out. 

Visitor tracking is useful in an emergency, helps prevent unauthorized access, and provides a clear audit trail in case of security incidents.

Administrators can also remotely access the data and see a complete list of visits and the status of each visitor, making it easy to coordinate visitor access even when working from home or another location. The ability to access visitor information remotely is instrumental in hybrid workplaces.

Skedda Visitor Management

Increase Efficiency

Skedda Visitor Management boosts efficiency through seamless digital check-ins and check-outs. Visitors simply scan a QR code via their own mobile devices, reducing wait times and improving overall security. At no time are visitors asked to input personal data, like their email address, into a public device.

Contactless check-in also helps reduce physical touchpoints, promoting health and safety. 

With Visitor Management, organizations can access valuable insights into visitor patterns and behaviors to inform decision-making and resource allocation. The system also simplifies administrative tasks by providing up-to-date visitor records.

Create a Welcoming Experience

While upgraded security and increased efficiencies drive a welcoming experience, Skedda Visitor Management also improves the visitor experience by enabling employees to effortlessly invite and welcome their visitors. 

Employees can send personalized emails from Skedda with the visit details beforehand. And when visitors arrive on premise, Skedda sends real-time notifications to the hosts so they can greet their visitors right away.

Additionally, administrators—usually an organization’s HR or IT leader—can customize the system to fit the unique needs of their hybrid workplace. This includes setting up specific visitor policies (i.e., acceptance of terms and conditions) that align with the organization’s hybrid work arrangements.

Try out Skedda Visitor Management today by creating a free account!

How To Get Started with Skedda Visitor Management

With Skedda’s Visitor Management, you’re not just managing visitors; you’re securing your workplace, improving efficiency, and creating a great visitor experience. Impress your visitors and clients with a workplace that is modern, organized, and secure.

How do I add on Visitor Management as a Skedda customer?

If you are already a Skedda customer with a Premium account, adding Visitor Management to your existing Skedda solution is easy:

  1. Simply log in to your Skedda account.
  2. Navigate to the 'Settings' menu and select ‘Visitor management.’
  3. Choose 'Enable visitor management.’

How do I try Visitor Management?

New to Skedda? Create your free Premium account to try Visitor Management today. 

You can also check out How To Set Up Skedda in Less Than 1 Hour to learn more about the workspace management solution our customers rave about on G2.

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