How To Set Up Skedda in Less Than 1 Hour

July 25, 2023
Hybrid Work
How To Set Up Skedda in Less Than 1 Hour

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Skedda aims to simplify the desk booking setup process for organizations transitioning to hybrid work models. Here's how:

  • Skedda offers desk booking software with features like interactive maps, user tags, and booking conditions.
  • Setting up Skedda takes about an hour and involves creating an account, customizing settings, and testing.
  • A free 30-day trial allows you to explore all features before committing.

More than 80% of organizations have adopted hybrid work, according to Gartner’s 2023 Market Guide for Workplace Experience (WEX). As workplaces look to space management software to improve the hybrid work experience—those that can be used to reserve desks, allocate shared space, zone offices, and integrate with existing tech stand out from the crowd. 

Choosing desk booking software that has all these features and is easy to roll out can be a time-consuming endeavor, but you’re in luck. Skedda has what you need to make the transition to hot desking smooth, seamless, and in less than an hour.

“The implementation was simple! It is easy for administrators to manage in house. The Skedda staff were always very helpful and prompt in responding to our initial requests for information!”
- Audinate

There’s a reason Skedda took home 2023 G2 badges for Easiest Setup, Fastest Implementation, and Easiest Admin. Here’s how to set up Skedda and start booking desks in just one hour!

(10 min) Create Your Account

Our workplace solution manages your desks, meeting rooms, and hybrid workspaces. Best of all, you can try out all the features with a free, no credit card required, 30-day Premium trial. That includes your very own customized map created from your floor plan; single sign-on options for easy login; and myriad ways to organize hot desking workstations, office neighborhoods, and lounge areas. 

All you need are: 

  1. A business email address 
  2. Your office floor plan

Sign Up for a Workplace Trial

Setting up a venue account with Skedda is quick and easy. You can choose your venue name (your org) and subdomain ( right on the signup form.

Your subdomain should be something that your visitors and community will recognize, as it will form your unique Skedda URL. Many customers choose their company name, while others choose the number and street name of their headquarters. You can easily change your subdomain later if you need to.

Request a Custom Map (Optional)

Our most popular feature is our custom interactive map, which we create for each venue to perfectly match your organization’s layout. Your employees will be able to see your office space—including the availability of desks, meeting rooms, equipment, and where their team is sitting—and book directly on the map. 

To request your interactive map, select “Upload your own map” in the map view of your booking page or go to Settings > Floor plans & maps. There, you can share any existing map files that you have. Skedda supports interactive vector-based (SVG) maps and floor plans that scale and look brilliant on all devices. See Skedda’s custom interactive map showing EPIT’s office space design and desk management structure.

After you’ve sent your request, simply continue on with your day. We’ll handle all the designing to ensure that you get a map that best represents your office space and is easy for employees to interact with. We’ll send you an email once your map is ready. At that point, you also have the option to work with one of our Workplace Experts to learn more about our features or get support customizing your venue settings.

If you didn’t request a map or just can’t wait to get started, you can begin customizing your venue settings right away. 

(30 min) Customize Your Settings To Fit Your Unique Needs

You can begin most of these steps even before receiving your new map.

All you need are: 

  1. Your custom interactive map from Skedda (optional)
  2. Photos/images of your workspaces and equipment

Add Your Spaces

Your spaces are your bookable resources (i.e., desks, meeting rooms, tables). You can add, delete, or edit descriptive information and space visuals by going to Settings > Spaces. For instance, you can include photographs of the space and available equipment.

There are two types of visibility you can set for your spaces:

  • All employees can book the spaces
  • Only employees with specific user tags can book the space

User tags attach permissions to an employee, letting you categorize your spaces for a great workplace experience. You do not need to set up user tags at this point if you’re unsure. Make the spaces visible to all and you can always change it later. 

Read More: Use user tags to streamline hybrid work for finance and legal service companies

Assign Spaces to Your New Custom Map

Once you have added your spaces, you can assign them to your new custom map so employees can easily choose their desk reservations with the click of a button. Even if you don’t assign a space to your map, it will still be bookable through the other views. For more information on how to assign spaces, visit our Floor Plans & Maps Settings.

Create Booking Conditions

The ability to set booking conditions is a huge part of what makes Skedda so powerful and what allows you to automate your workload. Booking conditions allow you to further control how people can make individual bookings (e.g., min/max duration, blocks/time slots, deny bookings at certain times, and more). This feature is also useful if you need to comply with particular regulations or simply to communicate booking policies to your employees. You can modify booking conditions by going to Settings > Conditions.

For more information on how to set up our more technical features (single sign-On, Google/MS 365 integrations, Skedda’s Microsoft Teams app), book a time with our Workplace Expert or visit Technical Setup Items.

“The usability of the platform was what really caught our eye first off. Onboarding all the users when we started using Skedda, everyone found it was easy-to-use!” - Trio Design

(15 min) Test and Fine Tune Your Settings

Now that you’ve set up your venue, it’s time to test it out! 

All you need is: 

  1. A second email address (optional)

There are certain settings that are not visible to the venue Owner and Admin roles, so you won’t see them in action if you’re logged in as those roles. Check out options to test out your settings as a Regular user.

After you’re done trying out various customizations, log back into your Owner or Admin account and fine tune your venue settings. For example, tweak your venue’s hours of availability and add more appropriate booking conditions.

Read more: See how you can use booking conditions to set up office neighborhoods.

(<5 min) Launch Your Venue!

Now that you’ve set up your venue, it’s time for a trial run. 

All you need is: 

  1. Your venue URL or an invitation link

Have a small group of people test out your bookable spaces by sharing your venue URL. If you have limited your venue to private mode or permitted only certain individuals to book, then you need to share a specific invitation link that can be found on the users page. Once you’re satisfied with the way you’ve set up your venue, it’s time to roll it out to the rest of your organization.

Excited and ready to move beyond the 30-day trial? Book a quick consultation with our team to take advantage of all that Skedda offers. 

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