We Are Skedda: This Is Our Mission, Vision, and Virtues

November 16, 2023
Hybrid Work
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We Are Skedda: This Is Our Mission, Vision, and Virtues

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Who is Skedda? In short, Skedda is a leading hybrid workplace experience platform dedicated to streamlining desk and room reservations and scheduling.

To answer this question in more detail, we go back to 2012. The business idea began with two friends, Jon Fagg and Ryan McBride, who were struggling to manage reservations and bookings for their sport participation business. They decided to solve their booking issue by creating a better solution than all the ones that existed—but neither of them knew how to code or how to build a software product.

In steps Sam Maurus, who was finishing up his Engineering Ph.D. in Germany at the time. Together, the three friends combined their powers and got to work on creating a ‘booking system.’ Because Jon and Ryan were in Melbourne while Sam was in Munich, they had to work remotely across different time zones to build the product (many back-and-forth emails were sent). 

Half a year later, the product was ready to be released to the public. But what to name it? After some brainstorming and multiple suggestions, Skedda (a clever play on the term ‘schedule’) was born! 

The Skedda Story: Official Launch and Growth

Jon, Ryan, and Sam (hereby ‘the founders’) officially launched Skedda in mid-2013. They started by focusing all their efforts on building the easiest, most user-friendly, customizable space-booking product available. This would be a product they would use and one that would cater to a wide range of user types.

That original notion has not changed much over the years—only grown and matured with the expansion to a team of 15. They reached 4,000 customers and multiple 7-figures in annual recurring revenue (ARR) with a business that has been bootstrapped all the way.

Now, we are backed by Five Elms Capital to supercharge Skedda’s growth in the next chapter of our story. We continue to build a product that is customer-focused, with every decision made driven by our goal to make the product more valuable for our customers. Our product is constantly evolving, driven by the requirements of our growing customer base.

While things kicked off in Melbourne, Australia, we now have team members scattered across the globe in every time zone. From the picturesque countryside of Northern Ireland to sun-soaked Cape Town to culturally-vibrant Boston, our global team of experts are passionate about bringing you the best Skedda experience. 

The Process: Layering in the New With Existing Culture

As a company that is over 10 years old and has recently grown so quickly, we believe it is important to finally have a documented Mission, Vision, and Virtues (“MVV”). The creation of our MVV will give us guidance and direction, help us foster cohesive company culture, provide us with a decision-making framework, and increase the opportunity to attract the right talent.

Given Skedda’s amazing team and great history, it would be remiss to create our MVV in a vacuum. Over the last quarter, we came together as one Skedda team to document and understand each team member’s experiences and what they thought differentiated their Skedda experience. This included company-wide focus groups and a Senior Leadership offsite led by Lever Talent.

The Results: We Present Skedda’s Mission, Vision, and Virtues

We took into account the founders’ original intentions, the beginnings of Skedda when we were only a team of 15, and our transformation into a now 40+ people team with a physical office in Boston, Massachusetts.

From the beginning, it was imperative to hear from the whole company to truly represent all that Skedda embodies in its decade long journey. After weeks of holding company-wide focus groups (both virtual and in-person) and multiple iterations of our MVV, we are proud to present our results! 

Mission: Why we do it

At Skedda, our Mission is to empower organizations to bring workspaces to life.

As we undergo a workplace evolution, where and how we work are constantly changing. However, one thing remains the same: the heart of all workplaces is the people in it. Knowing that, we aim to leverage technology to help organizations create workspaces that build better relationships, improve employee experiences, and foster stronger connections that allow the human aspects of work to thrive. 

Vision: What we’re doing

At Skedda, our Vision is to create the most powerful workspace management platform.

At Skedda, we constantly iterate to improve our product. We take feedback from customers seriously and use that to make our product better. We’re not satisfied until we get it right, and that’s why we’re continuously updating our platform. With the release of Visitor Management and upcoming Two-Way Sync, we’re taking another step toward creating the most powerful workspace management platform. 

Virtues: How we do it

Our core virtues are the characteristics we value most in our team. They are what we seek when we look to add to our team and what we reward when we promote within our team. Our virtues are what differentiate us from other teams and make working at Skedda unique. 

Here are the six virtues every team member embodies here at Skedda:

  1. We are a community: At Skedda, we are a global community of individuals aligned to a singular goal. While we often work autonomously, help is never far away. We care about each other, we care about Skedda, and we care about our customers.
  2. Quality is at our core: Customers choose Skedda because of our commitment to high quality. When the details matter, we get them right. 
  3. Take ownership: At Skedda, we never say “that’s not my job.” We take initiative, we deliver work we’re proud of, we always think about the long-term, we are accountable for outcomes, and we share feedback with each other to ensure we are all delivering our best.
  4. Create momentum every day: We take smart risks, we learn quickly, and—when in doubt—we have a strong bias for action. When we do that, hundreds of days of work compound into incredible results.
  5. Tackle hard problems: At Skedda, we go where others are afraid to go, and we make it look easy in the process. We get to the core of the customer’s problem and work relentlessly to solve it. 
  6. Be curious: We pride ourselves in customer empathy and intellectual curiosity, and work to create solutions that meet their needs. We take the time and energy to truly understand the underlying data and root cause of customer problems.

Our team is dedicated to defining the future of work by doing the best work of our careers. We are proud of what we create and can’t wait for you to be a part of the Skedda experience. Create your free Skedda account today to bring your workspace to life. 

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