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TRIO, a creative business partner for builders and developers, selected Skedda to manage their office’s hot desks


Trio is a renowned interior architecture firm. For the past 23 years they have worked with some of the country's most prominent builders, developers, and product manufacturers to create communities where people can thrive.


Denver, Colorado


An easy-to-use setup for a team of talented designers and creatives

TRIO, one of the fastest-growing woman-owned businesses in America, uses Skedda to manage their hot-desking setup in their office. So far, the team at TRIO has been really happy with their Skedda experience!

TRIO runs a hot-desking setup at their office, and they use Skedda to support their workflows in this regard. Their team of designers can book desks out to collaborate on a project with others, or to work alone if necessary. Skedda has been a welcome booking system for all their staff to book and view availability of their spaces using Skedda's interactive floor plans, and logins are seamless thanks to SSO, too! During onboarding, TRIO found the entire process to be a breeze, and thoroughly appreciated the personal touches our setup team applied to the implementation experience.

“The useability of the platform was what really caught our eye first off. Onboarding all the users when we started using this was easy; everyone found it was easy to use and with SSO in place, it's a breeze to check out a desk at our different offices.” - Zebulen Kaupish, Technology Administrator at TRIO

TRIO customizations include:

  • Custom interactive maps
  • Single Sign-On for secure, integrated platform access
  • Buffer time to enforce time gaps between consecutive bookings
  • Custom booking window to ensure nobody books too far in advance
“Overall, the entire process has been great! Everything from the start has been a breeze to set up and the personalized messages about updates have been an extra special touch that you don't normally see. Thank you!” - Zebulen Kaupish, Technology Administrator at TRIO

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