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MarketWise, a leading multi-brand platform offering premium financial services, uses Skedda to manage desk booking in their office.

MarketWise Solutions

Marketwise, a multi-brand platform of financial research companies, democratizes investment access through high-quality insights and analytical tools.


Baltimore, Maryland


Navigating a safe office return with Skedda as a long-term solution

MarketWise, a leader in financial services and related research in Baltimore, USA, needed a space-management platform to make their desk-hoteling setup work efficiently and manageably. This is what led them to Skedda!

Like many companies, MarketWise needed to navigate a safe return to the office during the Covid-19 pandemic. They knew that they wanted to implement a hoteling approach to their desking setup to manage occupancy, but they lacked the system to support such an approach. Thanks to Skedda, MarketWise has found a simple, easy-to-use solution for their needs! Their employees are able to book desks flexibly, whenever they need to come into the office, and Skedda’s booking platform allows MarketWise to keep an accurate record of who has been in the office to stay on top of all the important details they need.

"We got an easy-to-implement platform that 100% suited our needs with nothing extraneous. We have been able to modify our use of the platform over time to be flexible to our needs, therefore making this a more long-term solution to a growing space problem in our office, rather than a temporary remedy during Covid-19." - Amanda Galaydick, Facilities and Operations Manager at Marketwise

MarketWise customizations include:

  • Custom interactive maps
  • Single Sign-On for secure, integrated platform access
  • Booking-window rules to ensure users cannot book too far in advance
  • Custom booking condition to ensure a minimum booking duration
  • User tags to segment user base
“We really love working with Skedda. From the initial demo and consultation all the way through setup and support, the experience has been top notch. The support team is quick to respond, and they are consistently making improvements to the platform, overall, which has really enhanced the look, feel, and usability. I would recommend Skedda to anyone as a simple, streamlined solution for any kind of space bookings in an office." - Amanda Galaydick, Facilities and Operations Manager at Marketwise

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