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The Horton Group, a large insurance broker delivering complex solutions to thousands of customers, uses Skedda to manage bookings across multiple locations.

The Horton Group

The Horton Group, a prominent insurance broker, offers complex solutions to thousands of customers, ensuring their needs are met efficiently.


Chicago, Illinois


Using Skedda to manage space so that teams are free to focus on the things that matter

The Horton Group identified a need to implement a dedicated space-management system to support their hoteling workflows, thus allowing teams to book the space they need, when they need it!

Managing shared office space is no small feat. The team at the Horton Group elected to eliminate the administrative strain of space management by choosing Skedda as their dedicated booking system. Employees are now able to more easily plan ahead for when they’re coming into the office, and the entire space-management process is now easier to manage in the back-end for the IT team as well!

“Our employees are using Skedda to reserve hotel offices/cubicles at all of our office locations. Skedda has been absolutely incredible! Very easy to use and just as easy to manage!” - James Steele, IT Specialist at The Horton Group

The Horton Group customizations include:

  • Custom interactive maps
  • Single Sign-On for secure, integrated platform access
  • A rule preventing repeating bookings in order to prevent booking congestion for spaces in the office
  • A booking window to keep spaces from being booked too far in advance
“Our hoteling process has been streamlined, and it's much easier for our employees to plan ahead for when they're coming into the office. I like how easy it is for our users to use, as well as for us (in IT) to manage.” - James Steele, IT Specialist at The Horton Group

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