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Credabl, a financial services team providing tailored finance solutions to medical, dental and veterinary professionals, uses Skedda to manage their hot desks.


Credabl is a financial services provider specializing in tailored solutions for medical, dental, and veterinary professionals across Australia.


Sydney, Australia


Navigating the journey to hot-desking success with Skedda

Credabl, a financial services company specializing in financial solutions for medical, dental and veterinary professionals around Australia, turned to Skedda as they transitioned to a hot-desking work environment.

The team at Credabl decided to transition to a hot-desking setup at their office, and recognized the need for a dedicated desk-booking system. That’s when they found Skedda! Thanks to their Skedda booking system, staff are now able to book desks and see space availability easily using their interactive, floor-plan maps.

Credabl’s sales staff also book parking using Skedda, and the entire team finds the platform to be easy to use to view availability and book spaces whenever they need them.

“With Skedda, we’re able to book desks and see easily with the map function!” - Alex Carabott, Office Manager at Credabl

Credabl customizations include:

  • Custom interactive maps
  • Single Sign-On for secure, integrated platform access
  • Check-in to ensure optimal availability of spaces
  • Multiple quotas to allocate booking time to user segments
  • Booking windows to ensure users cannot book too far in advance
“Skedda is an easy-to-use platform for all staff to see and book desks when needed.” - Alex Carabott, Office Manager at Credabl

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