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ERIS, a leading provider of detailed environmental property risk data, used Skedda to transition to hybrid-work successfully


ERIS is a leading provider of detailed environmental risk data, offering in-depth insights and assessments for property and land use. Their services help clients understand potential environmental liabilities before making real estate or land development decisions.


Canada and USA


Getting set free from time-consuming space-management administration, with Skedda

Prior to using Skedda, ERIS was manually managing the booking of a number of their spaces. It was a very time-consuming process to support! Once Covid-19 hit, ERIS adopted a full hybrid-work setup and used Skedda to support this change.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, ERIS decided to transition to a fully hybrid-work setup for their offices, and found themselves freed up from unnecessary, time-consuming administration after they set up their Skedda booking system. Now, their staff are able to book workstations and parking spots using the platform effortlessly. The team at ERIS finds Skedda easy to use on both computers and mobile devices when managing their bookings. Onsite collaboration is also easier now, thanks to Skedda allowing the ERIS team to find out when other members are present in the office.

“The platform is easy to use on our computers and mobile devices. It is user friendly as a user and administrator. It is versatile.” - Lynn Gatto, Executive Assistant / Office Manager at ERIS

ERIS customizations include:

  • Custom interactive maps
  • Single Sign-On for secure, integrated platform access
  • Venue privacy and advanced booking details enabled to assist collaboration
“Our representative, Patrick Cassidy, makes us feel like we are his only client. He is attentive and answers questions and solves problems in a timely manner with a pleasant disposition.” - Lynn Gatto, Executive Assistant / Office Manager at ERIS

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