Not Another Hybrid Work Debate

With nearly two-thirds of companies offering flexible work arrangements—and seeing great ROI as a result—another debate about the future of hybrid work isn’t needed. What is needed are smart, actionable steps employers can take right now to cultivate a powerful employee experience that drives business results.

This report cuts through the noise of the hybrid work debate to focus on office design, technology, team culture and collaboration:

  • Chapter 1: Let your teams decide
  • Chapter 2: Office neighborhoods on the rise
  • Chapter 3: Zoom, Loom, or get a room?
  • Chapter 4: Beware proximity bias (train your managers)
  • Chapter 5: Don't get burned by hot desking
  • BONUS: All the ROI stats in one place!
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Not Another Hybrid Work Debate
Unlock the secret powers of team autonomy and flexibility in 2024
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The Hybrid Work Debate is Over

Last year, hybrid work became the battle ground between employers who wanted their employees back in the office and employees who wanted to keep workplace flexibility. As such, the number of organizations offering hybrid work increased. According to The Flex Index, 62% of U.S. companies now allow some degree of remote work, up from 51% at the start of 2023.

Heading into 2024, hybrid work is the norm for most companies. Just 6 out of 158 U.S. CEOs said they will prioritize bringing workers back to the office full-time in 2024, according to The Conference Board. What’s more, hybrid work research shows that there is a positive return on investment (ROI) for organizations implementing hybrid work: 

  • 96 of the Fortune 100 provide hybrid work options. 
  • 63% of high-revenue growth companies are more likely to embrace hybrid work, while 69% of companies with negative or no growth do not offer hybrid options (Accenture). 
  • From 2020 to 2022, companies with full flexibility led their peers by 16% in revenue growth (Flex Index).

Organizations that prioritize hybrid work will drive higher economic return and be better prepared for the future of work. However, there’s still a lot of information out there on how to navigate the complexities of hybrid work successfully. This report aims to reduce the noise and bring you exactly what you need to create an effective hybrid work strategy.

About the Research

The data and insights in this report come from top voices, researchers, industry pioneers, and business leaders experienced in the world of flexible workplaces. Some of them have guest starred on our Heroes of Hybrid Work podcast. Some of them are our customers who have undergone their hybrid work transformations. All data and research we cite here are taken from public sources. 

In this study, we cut through the hybrid work noise and provide you exactly what you need to know to adopt and implement hybrid work successfully. From policy-setting to structuring hybrid work to leveraging tech tools, we break down the essentials so you can feel confident implementing hybrid work at your organization after reading this report. Whether you’re in the midst of fine-tuning your hybrid work strategy or starting from scratch, our goal is to give you practical takeaways that you can use immediately.

Featured Experts

  • Rob Sadow - CEO and Co-founder of Scoop & The Flex Index
  • Janet Pogue McLaurin - Global Director of Workplace Research at Gensler
  • Nick Bloom - Economics Professor at Stanford & WFH Research Co-founder
  • Brian Elliott - Co-founder of Future Forum (formerly at Google / Slack)
  • Dena Upton - Head of People at Dandy (former CPO at Drift)
  • Sacha Connor - CEO at Virtual Work Insider (formerly at The Clorox Company)
  • Bethany Nicole Smith - Founder of HERitage Network and Workplace Experience Specialist
  • Jackie Dube - Chief People Officer at The Predictive Index
  • Eric Severson - Chief People & Belonging Officer at Neiman Marcus Group
  • Tracie Sponenberg - Fracitional Chief People Officer / CHRO
  • Maja Paleka - Co-founder and Director at Juggle Strategies
  • Jane Treadwell-Hoye - Executive Director at EPIT
  • Maria Casella - VP of People and Operations at Skedda
  • Kerrie McSorley - Office Manager/Payroll Officer at Audinate
  • Zebulen Kaupish - Technology Administrator at Trio
  • Elizabeth Knox - Principal at MatchPace

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