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Elizabeth Knox
Jenny Moebius
Hosted by Jenny Moebius
SVP @ Skedda | Angel Investor

Ep15: From Denial to Adaptation: Elizabeth Knox on the 5 Stages of Hybrid Work

  • Hybrid as a vehicle for the conversation about healthy/sustainable workplaces
  • Building trust and open communication in hybrid workplaces
  • Navigating conversations with mutuality to build hybrid cadence
  • Top technology traps in a hybrid work environment

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Katie Finlayson

Ep 14: Measuring Hybrid Success: MillerKnoll’s Katie Finlayson on Needing New Space Utilization Benchmarks

  • Embracing flexibility, purposeful space design, and new protocols
  • Pharma success story: connecting a globally-distributed workforce via new spaces
  • Designing spaces to support wellbeing, engagement, and change
  • Improving equity and workplace experience for in-office employees
  • Biggest lesson learned as a Facilities Operations Manager
Kaleem Clarkson

Ep 13: Maximize The Remote Employee Experience (TREE): COO Kaleem Clarkson on Building Connected Cultures

  • Importance of addressing 3 buckets of connection to drive business results
  • How great cultures fade if not measured frequently
  • Manufacturing success story: The ROI of flexible work policies
  • How to best manage change: two key ideas to keep in mind
  • RemotelyOne podcast: not safe for remote work (NSFRW) stories
Phil Kirschner

Ep 12: Virtual First, but Not Place-Less: McKinsey’s Phil Kirschner on the Future of Work

  • Why it’s important a workplace is “virtual first, but not place-less”
  • What hybrid companies can learn from remote cultures about organizational health
  • How to embrace the chaos and learn from the 3 gravitational forces of hybrid work
  • Real estate trends in corporate spaces with the shift to hybrid work
  • The future of work: hybrid, Artificial Intelligence, and the gig economy
Jose Maria Barrero

Ep 11: The Economist POV: WFH Research’s Jose Maria Barrero Shares In-Depth Studies on Hybrid Work

  • Ideal number of WFH days for productivity and mental health (broken out by education)
  • Should employees have 100% choice? Or more guardrails?
  • Evolving trends (e.g., commuting distance) in hiring for hybrid workplaces
  • The top 3 reasons people want to go into the office (hint: it’s not ping pong)
  • The future of hybrid work: balancing in-person and remote interactions
Christina Luconi

Ep 10: Scaling with Soul: Rapid7’s Christina Luconi on Balancing Growth and Culture in a Hybrid World

  • Leading with values: Meeting business objectives and work flexibility
  • Navigating the Future of Work: Building company culture and adapting workspaces
  • Designing office neighborhoods to maintain transparency and connection
  • The importance of in-person collaboration and relationship building
Bethany Nicole Smith

Ep 9: Crafting Inclusive Hybrid Workspaces: Bethany Nicole Smith on Experience Synergy

Bethany Nicole Smith, driving force behind the HERitage Network, delves into the heart of the hybrid work transformation. This episode unveils:

  • Hybrid frontrunners: Traits that set apart the successful from the striving.
  • Ensuring fairness: Strategies to balance onsite and remote team dynamics.
  • Experience dissected: Contrasting workplace vs. employee experiences.
  • Fusion magic: The potent mix when these experiences align.
Tara Vasdani

Ep 8: Hybrid Work's Legal Labyrinth: Navigating with Tara Vasdani of Remote Law Canada

Tara Vasdani, the legal mastermind behind Remote Law Canada, unravels the intricate legal web surrounding hybrid work. In this episode, we dissect:

  • Top legal considerations for remote work dynamics.
  • Building a solid foundation: The imperative of hybrid work policies.
  • Litigation trends: The surge of constructive dismissal claims in the digital age.
  • Decoding designations: Differentiating between independent contractors and employees.
  • Employer shield: Proactive measures to protect employer interests.
  • Debunked: Common myths about hybrid work law.
Maja Paleka

Ep 7: Engineering Hybrid Work Success: Maja Paleka's Design Principles for Flexibility

Maja Paleka, the visionary behind Juggle Strategies, blends engineering prowess with hybrid work insights. In this episode, we delve into:

  • Design meets hybrid: Leveraging engineering principles for workplace solutions.
  • Tailored decisions: How a global insurance giant championed team-level hybrid choices.
  • Onsite essentials: The underestimated value of unstructured time.
  • The hybrid trifecta: Clarity, autonomy, and accountability as the pillars of success.
Dena Upton

Ep 6: From Office-Centric to Hybrid Harmony: Dena Upton on Drift's Transformation

Join Dena Upton, the dynamic force behind Drift's people strategies, as she navigates the transition from a strict office mold to a thriving hybrid framework. This episode unveils:

  • Drift's metamorphosis: A journey from office-centric to flexible hybrid.
  • The new office era: Transforming spaces into conversation hubs.
  • Bridging divides: Addressing company splits on workplace preferences.
  • Battling biases: Strategies to counter proximity challenges.
  • Crafting connections: Tips to resonate with a dispersed team.
Brian Elliott

Ep 5: Designing Tomorrow's Work: Brian Elliott on Rethinking Productivity & Leadership

Brian Elliott, a visionary from Google and Slack and the brains behind "How the Future Works", delves deep into the evolving work ethos. This episode sheds light on:

  • The synergy of data and team insights: Unlocking workplace magic.
  • Outcome over location: Why the 'how' and 'what' outweigh the 'where'.
  • The pitfalls of mandates: Top three reasons they often fail.
  • Leading with authenticity: The power of leadership vulnerability.
Sacha Connor

Ep 4: Trailblazing Digital Frontiers: Sacha Connor on Pioneering Remote Work at Clorox

Sacha Connor, former exec at The Clorox Company and now at the helm of Virtual Work Insider, recounts her early endeavors into the world of remote work. In this episode, we explore:

  • A glimpse into 2010: Leading remote teams when tech was just catching up
  • The birth of Orbit: Unveiling the very first virtual workforce ERG
  • The invisible barriers: Navigating distance and recency biases
  • Crafting inclusivity: Strategies for a location-neutral culture
  • Mentorship mastered: Effective guidance in hybrid settings
Q Hamirani

Ep 3: Beyond Boundaries: Airbnb’s Venture into Corporate Nomadism with Q Hamirani

Join Q Hamirani, the mind behind Airbnb's innovative 'Live and Work Anywhere' initiative, as he unravels the intricacies of pioneering corporate nomadism. In this episode, we delve into:

  • The genesis and evolution of Airbnb’s groundbreaking program
  • Navigating legal mazes: Cross-border work movement complexities
  • Debunking myths: Why remote-first isn't synonymous with zero in-person interactions
  • The paradigm shift: Hybrid work as a standard, not just a perk
Janet Pogue McLaurin, FAIA, FIIDA

Ep 2: Redefining Workspaces: Gensler’s Janet Pogue McLaurin on Crafting the Future Office

Explore the dynamics of the evolving workplace with Janet Pogue McLaurin, a 40+ year veteran from Gensler, as she sheds light on the link between physical workspaces and business outcomes.  

  • Why is the hybrid model cementing its place?
  • Why are workers showing a renewed interest in office time?
  • Uncover the four essential workspace types for optimal onsite experiences
  • Strategies to engage the Gen Z workforce
Rob Sadow

Ep 1: Hybrid Work Revolution: Insights from the Flex Index with Rob Sadow

Dive deep into the future of work as Rob Sadow, CEO of Scoop and mastermind behind the Flex Index, unveils fresh research on Fortune 500 hybrid work trends.

  • Why are growing companies championing flexibility?
  • How can managers overcome the unique challenges of a hybrid workforce?
  • Where does AI fit into boosting productivity?
  • What are some of the biggest mistakes companies are making?

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