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Quin, a leading AI software provider in the healthcare industry, has selected Skedda to manage their desks and parking spaces in their facilities.


Quin facilitates connections between patients and doctors through its user-friendly platform.


Amsterdam, Netherlands


Making space management a breeze for an eHealth startup on a mission to improve healthcare

Quin, a leading AI software provider in the eHealth space, has selected Skedda as their space-management tool of choice to handle bookings for their desks and parking spaces.

Quin is on a mission to deliver affordable, quality healthcare insights to patients and GP’s. To help them stay focused on this goal, the team at Quin selected Skedda to manage bookings for their busy workspaces, in order to allow their teams to self-service book the spaces they need to get their work done, free from space-management headaches and hassles!

Quin is now able to manage the workload on their facilities, and they’ve overcome the challenges that come with the classic issue of having too many people, and not enough space! Skedda has stepped in to manage all of this for them, now!

“We use Skedda to manage desks and parking spaces. Employees have control of their bookings themselves now.” - Renée Broggel, Workplace & Facilities Lead at Quin

Quin customizations include:

  • Custom interactive maps
  • Single Sign-On for secure, integrated platform access
  • Custom booking conditions to enforce specific booking durations for specific spaces
  • Custom fields to collect crucial booking-related information
  • Space visibility based on user types
“With Skedda, we can now control the workload on our facilities.”

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