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Pease CPAs, a rapidly-growing accounting firm serving a nationwide client base, uses Skedda to manage their office-hoteling setup.

Pease CPAs

Pease CPAs is a rapidly growing accounting firm based out of Cleveland, Ohio, providing their clients with specialized expert assistance in a variety of industries.


Cleveland, Ohio


A smooth transition to a hoteling office environment, with Skedda

Pease CPAs needed an efficient way to reserve offices and conference rooms in their offices, when shifting towards a hoteling office environment. Skedda was a natural fit for their requirements, and their teams found it easy to use during the transition and beyond!

When Pease CPAs decided to transition to a hoteling office environment, they found Skedda to be a natural fit for their teams and requirements. They use the platform to manage two offices, where they use Skedda to reserve workstations, offices and conference rooms. The team at Pease CPAs felt that the Skedda implementation process was a breeze!

“The implementation process was great. We achieved a smooth transition converting to a hoteling environment.” - Tina Moore, HR Director at Pease CPAs

Pease CPAs customizations include:

  • Custom interactive maps
  • Check-in to ensure optimal availability of spaces
  • Custom booking coloring
“It's a great way for everyone to pick the spot that works best for them without having to bother anyone else with the request. We're very happy with Skedda!” - Tina Moore, HR Director at Pease CPAs

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