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Aon, a global provider of financial and insurance solutions for clients in over 120 countries, uses Skedda to manage desks and meeting rooms


Aon, a Risk Capital and Human Capital consulting firm, advises global clients to make informed decisions to protect and grow their businesses.


Ramat Gan, Israel


Managing space for a leader in global insurance

Aon, a world leader in insurance and related financial services, uses Skedda to manage bookings at their Israel office.

Prior to making use of Skedda to manage their office’s spaces, Aon faced a number of space-management challenges that made daily life at their Israel office inefficient and prone to error: insufficient user-and-access roles available for team members, a lack of data insights to understand utilization, a clear and simple floor-plan map to assist teams with booking and wayfinding, and a lack of a central booking system that standardized booking-time behaviour for employees.

Thanks to Skedda, the team at Aon are now able to book their desks and meeting rooms with ease! They have all the user roles they need, as well as a clear understanding of utilization. Finally, all their employees can book space off of their floor-plan map whenever they need it – it’s all a breeze now!

“Skedda provides us with a simple floor-plan map and a quick and simple booking process with less clicks.” - Yuval Beck, CIO at Aon Israel

Aon customizations include:

  • Custom interactive maps
  • Single Sign-On for secure, integrated platform access
  • Direct integration with MS365 to support meeting invitees and video-conferencing links being sent for Skedda bookings
  • Multiple custom booking rules and user tags to ensure various access levels are enforced and custom booking policies are in place
“Skedda is an easy-to-use app to book a desk each morning that allows us to gather utilization statistics and insights.” - Yuval Beck, CIO at Aon Israel

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