Skedda Launches New Slack & Microsoft Teams Apps

April 24, 2024
Hybrid Work
Skedda Launches New Slack & Microsoft Teams Apps

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Skedda is now in the collaboration tools your team uses to get their best work done every day. With the Skedda Integration for Slack and Microsoft Teams, your team can: 

  • Ask the Skedda Chat Bot for a list of teammates coming into the office that week
  • Get check-in reminders for their desk and room reservations in the “Messages” tab
  • Get immediate notifications when your visitors arrive, so you know when to greet them

Our Slack and Microsoft Teams integrations are included in Skedda’s Starter, Plus, & Premier subscriptions. Get started with a 30-day free trial.

After countless requests, impassioned pleas, and maybe even a few friendly nudges, we’re beyond excited to announce the release of our new Slack and Microsoft Teams apps! Skedda booking information is now available in the collaboration tools where you get your best work done. 

Our brand new Slack App adds a Skedda Bot to your team’s Slack workspace, giving you handy notifications about your bookings and visitors, and an easy way to see who is coming into the office for any channel in your Slack workspace. 

This update to our existing Microsoft Teams app also brings booking notifications to this chat app. You can now book a desk, get notified about your upcoming booking, and get notified when visitors arrive.

A Peek Into Your Office

With Skedda for Slack, you can find out who is coming into the office and plan your visits accordingly. Just type the /whosin command into any Channel to get a message (only visible to you) about your team’s attendance for the upcoming week. 

Skedda for Microsoft Teams allows you to use Skedda’s booking platform and book a desk right in the app. Everything you need is all in one place.  

Never Forget a Desk Booking Again

Enabling notifications on Slack and Microsoft Teams ensures that you and your team never forget about a desk booking again! Slack or Microsoft Teams will send you information about your bookings, including confirmations, updates, cancellations, and even reminders to check into your booking 15 minutes before its start time. 

A Warm Welcome for Your Visitors

If your organization has Skedda’s Visitor Management enabled, Slack and Microsoft Teams will now notify you when your visitor checks in. You no longer have to check your inbox as the Skedda chat app will let you know as soon as your visitor arrives. This timely notification will ensure your visitors have the best experience possible. 

Learn more about how Visitor Management can improve your Skedda experience.

How To Set Up the Slack App

Setting up Skedda in Slack is easy! Follow these quick, simple steps:

  1. Go to the “Integrations” panel in your Skedda account
  2. Add Skedda to your organization's Slack
  3. Grant Skedda permission in your Slack workspace

How To Set Up the Microsoft Teams App

Follow these easy steps to set up Microsoft Teams and enable notifications:

  1. Set up SSO with Azure AD in Skedda 
  2. Go to the “integrations” panel in your Skedda account, and select “enable i-frame embedding”
  3. Install Microsoft Teams!
  4. Go to the “integrations” panel in your Skedda account, and select “enable notifications” under Microsoft Teams

Learn more about using our Slack integration and our Microsoft Teams integration

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