4 Hybrid Horror Stories (in video!)

October 31, 2023
Hybrid Work
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4 Hybrid Horror Stories (in video!)

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While Halloween brings fun treats for employees, beware of hybrid work nightmares like empty offices and workspace chaos. Discover how Skedda can help vanquish these horrors.

  • Adopting a desk reservation system ensures employees book office days when colleagues are present, enhancing collaboration opportunities.
  • Desk reservation system allows employees to secure dedicated workspaces in advance, preventing workspace scarcity.
  • Implementing a desk reservation system eliminates the chaos of vying for workstation availability, promoting a smoother office experience.
  • Desk booking software enables organizations to create designated office neighborhoods, ensuring employees are seated strategically for optimal collaboration and compatibility.

Trick or treat! It’s officially Halloween today. There are many ways to treat your employees: carving pumpkins, holding a costume contest, or even playing Halloween trivia. 

One thing we don’t recommend? Tricking your employees with an onsite experience reminiscent of a haunted house. Check out the four most common hybrid nightmares in four videos! 

That brings us to…

Nightmare #1: All Alone in the Dark 

Hybrid work can pose additional challenges not present in the traditional work structure. One of them is knowing when team members will be in the office, especially if your organization has adopted a flexible hybrid work structure. 

Research has shown that allowing teams to decide when they’ll be in the office (versus a top-down approach) is the most effective, but that means employees may come in any day of the week and that may change from week to week. And since employees have time and time again expressed that office days should be for socialization and collaboration, arriving at an empty office would make that in-office day a moot point.

Going into an empty office all alone isn’t the only challenge that hybrid work can pose. Below we highlight other hybrid work horrors—and how Skedda can help you create a better hybrid workplace experience

Nightmare #2: The Circus 

Perhaps what’s worse than walking into a haunted office is walking into one that resembles a circus and has no more space for you to work. This challenge is similar to not knowing who will be in the office on which day—but on the opposite end of the spectrum. 

Finding out there’s no more space left for you to work (especially after a long commute) would be a big work nightmare. Using a desk reservation system like Skedda lets you book a dedicated desk before you set out to the office that day, ensuring you have a workspace when you get there.

Nightmare #3: Musical Chairs on Repeat

We’ve now shared two extreme scenarios, but what about a third one that may give you flashbacks to elementary school years when kids played musical chairs on repeat! 

Now that may have been a fun game in second grade, but we’re guessing it’s not what you want to be doing first thing in the morning. Utilizing a desk reservation system ensures that you’re not fighting over the last coveted workstation when you’re in the office. 

Nightmare #4: Hidey Ho Neighbor

Hybrid work has allowed organizations to save on costs by cutting back underutilized office spaces and opting for new methods like hot desking or hoteling. But a possible downside of that is not knowing who you’ll be sitting next to the day you’re in office. 

You could be next to your work bestie, your project partner, or someone with a behavioral profile so different from yours that it can affect your productivity and experience that day. 

We love a good celebration after all the hard work, but you need to take into additional considerations when it comes to shared spaces. A desk booking software like Skedda allows organizations to create specific office neighborhoods that can cater to the needs of individuals.

Save your employees from experiencing the horrors of hybrid work. Start scheduling and reserving desks and rooms today with your free Skedda account.

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