Skedda Talks To Your Apps

Connect to hundreds of the web’s best apps to easily automate your booking workflows

Calendar Sync

Skedda connects to your other calendar apps! This set of apps includes (but is not limited to) Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, Yahoo Calendar, Mozilla Thunderbird and Microsoft Outlook.

The setup process couldn't be much easier: simply copy the iCal link from your Skedda account and paste it as a new external calendar in your other apps. Those apps will then pull down the booking information from Skedda and display it alongside your other calendar information.

Skedda lets you sync your calendars so that venue bookings appear alongside your other appointments, like that dreaded dentist checkup!

Online payments booking system

Online Payments

Skedda integrates directly with your Stripe account so that you can start collecting online payments for the use of your spaces. You can choose between two payment approaches — Upfront and Book Now, Pay Later.

Using Stripe with Skedda is a sensational way to take bookings with payments. Credit-card details are kept secure, and your users never even need a page-reload during the booking process. Skedda prides itself on having one of the cleanest and fastest booking processes on the web.

Skedda's Stripe integration gives you the means to easily and securely accept payments during the self-serve booking process.

Invoicing and Accounting

Through our integration with the Zapier platform, Skedda talks to your invoicing and accounting tools like Xero and FreshBooks. Click on one of the integration links here to find out more!

Email and SMS

Skedda sends out beautiful and informative email notifications by default, but you're free to completely override them!

Our integration with Zapier lets you completely customize the content and appearance of email notifications. You're even able to have them sent from your own email address!

If that's not enough, you can even be notified on the go by SMS, or have your Skedda users pushed to your email marketing tool. Click on an example to get started!

Over 1000 Others

Thanks to our strong Zapier partnership, Skedda integrates with over 1000 of the web's best apps. You can do so much with Skedda by connecting it to the other apps you use.

The options are basically limitless, but you'll find some of our most loved integrations here. Just click on an option to get started!

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