Venue Rules and Conditions

Automate the booking rules and conditions of your spaces with ease

It’s likely your venue has specific terms and booking conditions that users must adhere to. Adding these to Skedda is easy, meaning you can open up your venue to self-service bookings today!

  • Create a venue-wide booking window and cancellation (lock-in) policy.
  • Create flexible quota rules to enforce booking allowances (e.g. max 4 hours per week).
  • Create sharing rules between shared spaces. For example, perhaps Half-court A and Half-Court B cannot be booked if the Full Court is booked.
  • Create booking conditions: enforce min/max booking times, half-day/full-day bookings, strict booking blocks or duration ranges. You can also completely deny bookings at specified times.
  • Create pricing conditions with fixed and variable rate options.

Conditions can be customized by space, day, time and user tag, meaning even the most complex of booking and pricing structures can be covered by Skedda. What’s more, creating booking and pricing conditions is part of free Skedda CORE offering. We can help you set up your booking and pricing conditions - get in touch today!

Booking window and cancellation (lock-in) policy

Customize conditions by space, day, time and user

Easy to use space-sharing rules

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