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Toyota Connected EU, a Toyota subsidiary focused on delivering inclusive, sustainable technology solutions, uses Skedda to manage their hot desks.

Toyota Connected EU

Toyota Connected EU, a subsidiary of Toyota, harnesses data to deliver inclusive, sustainable, and safety-focused mobility solutions, contributing to societal well-being.


London, UK


Managing hot desks for a pioneer in sustainable, holistic technology solutions

Toyota Connected, a technology-solutions pioneer focused on changing the way people experience mobility, selected Skedda as their space-management tool of choice for their hybrid workplace.

Recognizing that hot-desking workplaces would be the norm of the future, Toyota Connected procured a Skedda booking system to support the new workflows they developed to create a smart, inclusive workplace as they navigated their shift to hybrid work.

The team at Toyota Connected now have a booking system that allows them to keep track of how often their workforce works from the office, and to make informed decisions about what to do with the new office they’re moving to, based on the insights provided by Skedda’s utilization metrics.

“We use Skedda for hotdesking right now, but we're planning on moving offices soon and I want to try and use it for collaboration spaces as well.”

Toyota Connected customizations include:

  • Custom interactive maps
  • Single Sign-On for secure, integrated platform access
  • Booking-window rule to ensure bookings aren't made too far in advance
  • Custom quotas to ensure equitable booking access throughout the week
  • Custom booking condition to ensure full-day bookings only
“Thanks to Skedda, we could keep track of how often our workplace worked from the office, and make an informed decision about what to do with the new office once we move. Skedda is user friendly and aesthetically pleasing. It's been a breeze to use!"

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