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Sax LLP, a multi-disciplinary accounting, tax and advisory firm in New Jersey, USA, uses Skedda to manage office hoteling in their office


Sax is a multi-disciplinary accounting , tax, and advisory firm that has offered closely held companies, family-owned businesses, and NGOs' comprehensive advisory services for over 67 years.


New Jersey, USA


Making office hoteling easy and efficient with Skedda

Sax LLP, a tax, accounting & advisory firm in New Jersey, USA, decided to implement a hoteling setup in their office when the Covid-19 pandemic hit. They selected Skedda as their space-management platform of choice to support this change.

Office hoteling was not something Sax LLP was doing before Covid-19, so the selection of an appropriate space-management solution was key to a successful shift.  Skedda allowed all the staff at Sax LLP to reserve a workspace as well as link to the required health questionnaire during the Covid-19 pandemic. Now that the health questionnaire is no longer needed, hoteling staff or staff visiting a different office can easily book their workspace. As the firm has continued to grow, their requests to add floorplans for new offices were handled seamlessly. They also really like that Skedda is so easily accessible on their mobile devices, too!

“Very quick turnaround, both in initial setup and additional requests. The chat-support feature is very helpful and again, very quick.”

Sax LLP customizations include:

  • Custom interactive maps
  • Single Sign-On for secure, integrated platform access
  • Quota rules to ensure equal access to bookable spaces
  • A buffer time to create time gaps between consecutive bookings
  • User tags to segment user base and assign varying permissions
“It's a great way for everyone to pick the spot that works best for them without having to bother anyone else with the request. We're very happy with Skedda!”

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