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Allica Bank, a leading business bank for SMEs in the UK, turned to Skedda to alleviate hybrid space-management difficulties

Allica Bank

Allica Bank is a fintech company specializing in delivering digital banking solutions for small and medium-sized businesses. They integrate technology with local relationships to provide expert banking services.


London, United Kingdom


Supporting one of the UK’s top 20 fintech companies as they adopt hybrid work

In the past, the team at Allica Bank found it difficult to keep track of their employees’ attendance across not simply one, but two office locations! This is what prompted them to look for a dedicated space-management system to assist them in their move to hybrid work. Now that they’ve implemented Skedda as part of their hybrid-working processes, each employee in the company uses Skedda to book their space when they’re coming in to work at either office location.

The team at Allica Bank can now keep a record of attendance and finds it easier to manage supply and demand for their various workstations. Everybody knows if there’s space for them to work at the office on any given day!

“The floor-plan mapping helps new joiners to see how the office looks prior to coming in.” - Andreea Simion, Office Manager at Allica Bank

Allica Bank customizations include:

  • Custom interactive maps
  • Single Sign-On for secure, integrated platform access
  • MS Teams app integration for seamless access in company intranet
  • Check-in to ensure optimal availability of spaces and explicit confirmation of booking attendance
  • Allica Bank plans on making use of Skedda’s newly-released direct calendar integration with Microsoft 365, too!
“With Skedda, we keep a record, and we can track (know) if the office will be fully booked – this always helps us preventing overbooking / ensures we have enough desks for everyone. Employees will know based on the bookings made on Skedda if they can come in or work from home if the office is at full capacity.” - Andreea Simion, Office Manager at Allica Bank

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