Updates to Skedda Office Hoteling Software

April 13, 2023
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Updates to Skedda Office Hoteling Software

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Skedda Workplace offers comprehensive office hoteling software to streamline space management for hybrid workplaces, catering to the evolving needs of modern organizations. Key features include:

  • User-friendly mobile app for booking on-the-go.
  • Analytics dashboard for tracking space utilization.
  • Integration with MS365/Google Workspace for streamlined booking and invitations.
  • Microsoft Teams app for easy access within existing workflows.

Skedda Workplace is Skedda’s premium office hoteling software designed to automate the tiresome, error-prone task of manually managing the booking and scheduling of shared office spaces. Having recognized the fact that companies around the world would be embracing hybrid work well beyond the coronavirus pandemic, the team at Skedda has devoted significant development resources, in recent months, to creating a one-stop platform for every requirement related to managing space in the hybrid workplace.

“We understand that companies are looking for systems to support their long-term shift to hybrid work in more ways than one,” advised Jon Fagg, Co-Founder & Director of Skedda. “Workplace leaders don’t just want simplicity and user friendliness, they want actionable data and insights to drive smart decisions, too. While they welcome process automation, they also require flexibility and customizability to design their system in ways that support their unique workflows. That’s what we’re offering with Skedda - a powerful solution that makes space management a breeze, and fits elegantly into their larger organizational processes.”

Improving usability is a priority for Skedda, and this culminated in the recent release of their native mobile app for iOS and Android devices, which allows employees to book office space right from their phones, whenever they need it. The workday has become more fluid in recent years, and employees often find themselves needing to book a desk at short notice. The ability to make these kinds of bookings while on the go provides employees with the flexibility required to operate in a modern workplace.

An accurate understanding of utilization trends is crucial in the hybrid workplace, if workplace leaders are to make smart decisions about their office hoteling strategy. Skedda’s recent ‘Insights’ feature provides administrators with an analytics dashboard that supplies on-demand utilization data and metrics for their office space. These can be used to understand usage patterns and identify opportunities for cost saving and redesign of office space to better support employee booking patterns and productivity.

One of Skedda’s latest features, a direct integration with your company’s Microsoft 365 and/or Google Workspace tenants, allows employees to book meeting rooms in Skedda, add meeting invitees to their bookings, and then have meeting invites be sent out to them via MS365 or Google Workspace - video-conferencing links included. An additional benefit of this feature is that employees’ user pictures can be displayed within Skedda in order to allow employees to find each other using Skedda’s map views.

A picture of user pictures overlaid onto Skedda's floor-plan maps

Finally, for those companies who make use of Microsoft Teams as a central hub for app access within their organization, Skedda can be accessed directly from MS Teams via a dedicated app. This means that employees can easily manage their bookings within their Microsoft Teams account, further enhancing Skedda’s usability and accessibility to the benefit of the organizations that use them, by integrating more cleanly with their existing tech stacks.

The Skedda Microsoft Teams interface

Skedda is used by organizations, of every size, around the world to manage their hybrid workplaces and office hoteling systems. While larger companies like Siemens, Aon and Toyota Connected all use Skedda to support their hybrid workplace, 1000’s of mid-sized and smaller workplaces also utilize Skedda to manage their office space, to great effect.

Interested companies can start a free trial of Skedda Workplace and existing customers can reach out to the Skedda team if they’re interested in the same.

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