Not Another Hybrid Work Debate Webinar

With nearly two-thirds of companies offering employees flexible work arrangements—and seeing great ROI as a result—another debate about the future of hybrid work isn’t needed. What is needed are smart, actionable steps employers can take right now to cultivate a powerful employee experience and build a winning hybrid workplace.

This webinar cuts through the noise of the work arrangement debate to focus on office design, technology, team culture and collaboration—and how they work together to create a positive employee experience and greater financial performance. After watching, you’ll understand:

  • Workplace Design: Creating neighborhoods for both collaboration and focused work
  • Technology: Leveraging it for maximum synchronous and asynchronous productivity
  • Team Culture: The most effective way for organizations to make hybrid work decisions (including training)

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Not Another Hybrid Work Debate Webinar
Smart, actionable steps employers can take right now
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Featured Experts

  • Andrew Hatton - Resource and Technology Director, Greenpeace UK
  • Janet Pogue - Principal, Global Director Workplace Research, Gensler
  • Robert Sadow - CEO & Co-Founder, Scoop
  • Jenny Moebius - SVP, Skedda

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