Effortlessly sort out your user details, grouping and access.

Skedda understands that there are many people who care about your spaces.

We imagine that there might be more than one person administering the bookings, so we allow you to create multiple administrator accounts for each of your staff.

We imagine that the people with access to your space might come from the general public or from different organizations, so we give you the option to invite them all and make authentication simple (Facebook, Google, Twitter, Microsoft logins).

We also imagine that you have venue users with a special arrangement. Perhaps some members that have been using your space for years? Skedda lets you trust your users. Trusted users can make fast-tracked bookings without having to put down any security (like payment details).

Skedda makes sure your users are well-managed and everyone feels the love!

Find the user you're looking for with our elegant search tools.

Add users manually or by invitation (mass self-registration link).

Allocate users to groups for custom pricing and booking behavior.

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