Down with double bookings.

Skedda loves working with shared spaces, but what exactly are they?

Let’s imagine that a sports venue has some basketball courts, each of which can also be split into two badminton courts. Sounds potentially problematic, right? Fear not! Skedda easily manages spaces that overlap. Simply choose which spaces share and you're set.

If a user then books a basketball court, both badminton courts contained within it will automatically become unavailable. Alternatively, if a user books a single badminton court, the other will remain available but the full basketball court will not. This functionality can be used by all kinds of spaces where this concept is relevant.

We found that many of our users needed a tool to handle multi-purpose spaces. And so we have it — Skedda’s space-sharing functionality. Just another way that Skedda simplifies the management of your venue.

Manage spaces that are shared or that overlap.

Setup simple or complex sharing structures.

Protect against the double booking of shared spaces.

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