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Skedda makes it easy to accept and manage online payments for your bookings. We're an officially-verified partner of Stripe, the leading payment processing platform that provides unprecedented reliability and security. All sensitive payment information, like the card details of your users, are securely held within your Stripe payment gateway (they never touch Skedda-owned servers). Using Skedda with Stripe ensures that you remain PCI-compliant (PCI DSS Version 3.2 with SAQ-A) and ready for new payment regulations like the PSD2 (SCA) in Europe!

Skedda allows you to choose between the classic "Upfront" approach and the progressive "Book Now, Pay Later" approach. With the second approach, users must secure their bookings with a payment method but are not charged for the booking immediately. This approach opens up additional payment scenarios (e.g. on-site payment) while still giving you peace-of-mind that bookings are legitimate.

From the end-user's perspective, the payment experience is tightly integrated with the smooth Skedda booking process. Clunky redirects and page-reloads are a thing of the past!

Interested to hear more about Online Payments with Skedda? Contact our sales and support team today.

Verified Stripe Partner

PCI/PSD2/SCA Compliant

Upfront & Pay Later Options

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