Space scheduling and online bookings for classrooms, labs, computer rooms, libraries and shared equipment.

Trusted by thousands of venues around the world, Skedda is the smartest way to manage your facilities.

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Skedda makes it a pleasure to manage reservations and increase demand for your classrooms, labs and equipment.

Scheduling and managing bookings for shared rooms, labs, classrooms and equipment can be a challenge, particularly across departments, faculties and campuses. Skedda takes care of the scheduling so you can focus on academic success!

Questions we often hear from education centers and labs:

  • How can we enforce different booking rules across user segments?
  • How can staff and students stay up-to-date with the real-time schedule?
  • Our faculty allows students to book technical equipment as long as they follow our strict booking-block rules and prescribed booking times. How can we manage this with Skedda?
  • We’d like to give some students the ability to book some of our spaces for one or two terms only. How can we manage invitations and access?

Skedda can answer these questions, offering you a secure, reliable and visual scheduler that’s easy for both students and staff.

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Feature-rich, yet elegant

Skedda features that education centers love:

  • A login system for users, providing ownership, security and an audit-trail for bookings. Choose a password login or a service login (Google, Facebook, Twitter or Microsoft).
  • Create booking conditions by space, day, time and user tag. For example, min/max booking times, strict half/full-day bookings or other custom "blocking behavior" to achieve optimal use of equipment and resources. Time-increment options of 15, 20, 30 minutes and 1 hour.
  • Choose the access settings for your spaces. For example: admin-only, invite-only or public access. Easily revoke access if there are problems!
  • Integrate with team platforms such as Slack, Trello, Excel and many more with Zapier Integrations (INTEGRATIONS).
  • And much more...

Skedda has users in over 2000 cities.

Depended upon by education centers around the globe, Skedda is the leading cloud solution for managing space. We're proud of our rock-solid data-security standards, industry-leading uptime and performance and our über-helpful support.

So throw away that notepad and join the thousands of venues already enjoying a smarter way to manage their bookings!

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What are people saying about Skedda?

Read some of our latest customer testimonials

Phil’s team at The Univeristy of Oklahoma use Skedda to maximize use of their resources.

“We love the ease of use, it streamlines our facility usage.”

Dept of Chemistry and Biochemistry - University of Oklahoma

Phil Bourne

Dept of Chemistry and Biochemistry - University of Oklahoma - U.S

Carl’s Department at The University of Pretoria moved over to Skedda from a scheduling book in the office.

“We used to have problems all the time because the book didn't get updated regularly. Now we can just say: Is it on Skedda?”

Department of Chemical Engineering at The University of Pretoria

Carl Sandrock

Department of Chemical Engineering at The University of Pretoria - South Africa

JMI uses Skedda to enable students and lecturers to self-service book their own sessions in studios.

“Being online creates easier access for all lecturers and students to book studios…and less paper!”

The Jazz Music Institute


The Jazz Music Institute - Brisbane, Australia

“Skedda has helped in the booking of military ceremonies and school educational field trips. I love the program because it’s user-friendly, and I can share the program with our customers!”

National Naval Aviation Museum

Diane Bell

National Naval Aviation Museum - Florida, U.S

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