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We're obsessed with making the task of managing "space" a whole lot easier.

Skedda was born from the need to "scratch our own itch", but quickly turned into the flexible and powerful platform trusted worldwide by thousands of venues today.

More specifically, back in 2012 we were involved in the management of a large sporting facility in Melbourne, Australia. We needed a way to manage bookings and payments for the use of the venue's resources. At the time there was no shortage of existing products under the banner of "online bookings", but none that truly nailed the elements that were important to us.

These elements, which continue to be our obsession today, are

  • a focus on the reservation of space-style resources (meeting rooms, courts, studios, halls),
  • a focus on collaboration and self-service so that venue users have the power to manage their own bookings (giving venue managers more time),
  • an optimized approach that eliminates friction at every stage of product use, and
  • first-class support (even for our customers on the no-cost plan).

Skedda is the continuously-evolving result of business experience, tech-smarts and feedback from our amazing users. We strive to be the online booking solution that is a breeze to set up and a delight to use for those who need to manage spaces at their venue. We love seeing how the system is being used to make previously painful tasks a lot easier.

Last but not least, we're proud of being 100% free of external investors that pull important strings. At Skedda, the people who build the product are the people who own it. That's just the way it should be.

Trusted by thousands of people from all over the world, Skedda is the free, easy, flexible and visual way to manage your space. We're all about making the task of managing "space" a whole lot easier.

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