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TradeMark East Africa (TMEA), an organization on a mission to grow prosperity in Eastern Africa, uses Skedda to manage office spaces

TradeMark East Africa

TradeMark East Africa (TMEA) is dedicated to boosting prosperity in Eastern Africa through trade enhancement. TMEA supports regional integration, infrastructure development, and business competitiveness to stimulate economic growth across the region.


Nairobi, Kenya


Tackling space management for an organization on a mission to promote trade throughout Eastern Africa

TMEA required a space-management solution to automate booking processes in one of its offices, to allow it to focus on their mission. Skedda became their tool of choice!

Prior to using Skedda, TMEA was confronted by a common space-management challenge in one of its offices: allocation of spaces was manual and tedious. To tackle this issue, Skedda was set up for smooth, automated booking and scheduling of TMEA’s office spaces. TMEA’s space-management hassles were replaced by smooth, automated scheduling of their spaces!

The Skedda system administrators at TradeMark EA, as well as regular users, find Skedda very easy to use! Skedda’s user-friendly map layouts and other system features make the experience a breeze for all in their office.

“Skedda is very easy to use both as an administrator and a regular user. One demo by a member of the Skedda team to us and we were able to deliver training to our staff. I like the user-friendly layouts as well as other system features. I love every bit of the Skedda desk booking solution.” - Cellestine Maraka, Head of Administration at TradeMark East Africa (TMEA)

TMEA customizations include:

  • Custom interactive maps
  • Single Sign-On for secure, integrated platform access
  • Custom booking window in place to ensure bookings aren’t booked too far in advance
  • Check-in rule to ensure optimal availability of spaces and that attendance is explicitly confirmed
  • Custom fields to gather crucial booking-related information
  • Custom booking coloring to assist in administration
“Skedda's customer service is awesome! The team is very supportive and super responsive. Keep up the great work.” - Cellestine Maraka, Head of Administration at TradeMark East Africa (TMEA)
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