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Simplify workplace management

Enable your people to easily reserve desks, book meeting rooms and offices, manage resources, and welcome visitors.
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Why Skedda?

Hybrid work doesn't have to be hard work

Adapt to the new era of work with a platform designed to enhance flexibility and productivity for workplaces of all sizes.

Quick & Easy Setup

Simple adoption for your team

Activate Skedda for your team with minimal effort, and watch as it blends into your operations, enhancing your company's efficiency from day one.
Interactive Floor Plan - Set up your floor map to match your location.
Set up account - Configure users, integrations, and anything else you need to get started with our onboarding team & 24/7 support.
Set Custom Rules - Define booking rules, permissions, and policies to tailor Skedda's functionality to your specific needs.
Skedda Interactive Neighborhoods
Skedda Scheduling Platform
Customized Booking System

The power and flexibility your organization needs

Skedda brings together everything that’s required to handle the scheduling of any space, large or small. A booking platform with a strong focus on performance, reliability, security, integrations and support. Reduce administration with self-service bookings.
Workplace Analytics

Data-driven insights for workplace management

By providing detailed data on desk and meeting room usage, peak hours, and booking patterns, Skedda enables organizations to make informed decisions. These analytics help maximize space efficiency, enhance employee experience, and drive overall productivity.
Skedda space utilization analytics
Visitor Management
Visitor Management

Simple and secure guest visits, from check-in to check-out

Welcome and safely host your visitors. Provide a great workplace experience for all.

Connect your apps with Skedda

Effortlessly integrate your existing tech stack—from collaboration platforms and SAML SSO to Google and Microsoft.

Learn why we're rated the leading space management platform by over 17,000 users.

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Our Vision

Building the easiest, user-friendly, customizable space-booking system available

Skedda started as a straightforward scheduling tool and has since grown into a robust, customizable platform for workplace management. Now headquartered in the United States, Skedda provides cutting-edge solutions for modern organizations.

Across the United States, Europe, Australia, and everywhere in between, our global customer support team are product experts, passionate about helping our customers get the most out of the platform. Our dedicated support ensures that no matter where you are, you can rely on Skedda to keep your workplace running smoothly.

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