Space-management and online scheduling for rooms.

Trusted by thousands of venues around the world, Skedda is the smartest way to manage your rooms.

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Skedda makes it a pleasure to manage reservations and increase demand for your your rooms.

Managing a collection of rooms can be a challenge. Designed for space management, Skedda is perfect for groups interested in maximizing their room-usage efficiency. Skedda makes sure everyone is on the same page: checking availability, creating bookings and staying in the loop was never easier!

Questions we often hear from groups using Skedda for room management:

  • I only want trusted people to access the scheduler: Can we make it private?
  • We share rooms with people external to our group. Can Skedda be used by selected people outside our company domain, controlled by booking quotas?
  • How can we ensure that everyone can view the scheduler, but only our admins can make changes?
  • Our rooms can be partitioned: Can Skedda cleverly handle the associated complexities?

Skedda can answer these questions, offering you a secure, reliable and visual scheduler that’s easy for everyone to use.

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Feature-rich, yet elegant

Skedda features built for room management:

  • One place for everyone to view availabilities: day, month, grid and list views.
  • Visually manage and show room-availability, and group them by “views” (e.g. floors and buildings).
  • Change the visibility of rooms - perhaps some are admin-only? Additionally, create sharing rules, so that the different areas of partitioned rooms can be booked and conflicts correctly prevented.
  • Privacy mode, ensuring that the room’s schedule can only be viewed by authorized users. Skedda’s increased transparency feature can also be enabled so that everyone within your organization can see the fine-grain booking details on the scheduler (PRO).
  • Integrate with your team calendars and platforms like Slack, Trello and Excel with Zapier Integrations (INTEGRATIONS).
  • And much more...

Skedda has users in over 2000 cities.

Depended upon by venues around the globe, Skedda is the leading cloud solution for managing space. We're proud of our rock-solid data-security standards, industry-leading uptime and performance and our über-helpful support.

So throw away that notepad and join the thousands of venues already enjoying a smarter way to manage their bookings!

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What are people saying about Skedda?

Read some of our latest customer testimonials

The team at Sozo Coffeehouse has more time to focus on community impact because Skedda looks after the scheduling.

“Our customers can book for themselves online! It is a huge time saver for our staff!”

Sozo Coffeehouse

Alysha Owen

Sozo Coffeehouse - Arizona, U.S

“Skedda makes it really easy for us to schedule internal meetings and allocate rooms effectively so that each team has space when they need it. We used to basically fight for rooms when we needed them, but Skedda has helped us to organize our space better and ensure that we always have somewhere to meet when we need it.”

Parthenon - Ernst & Young

Chris Miller

Parthenon- Ernst & Young - Chicago, U.S

“The system had to be easy to use, clean user interface, and do what we needed without having to spend a fortune (we simply don't have funding for enterprise-scale software). Skedda came to the rescue! What an amazing product!”

Neighbourhood House Association Inc.

Ryan Powell

Neighbourhood House Association Inc. - Australia

The team at Guild uses Skedda to schedule across their training and consulting rooms.

“Accessible and good support. Lets our room users view the availability and book rooms easily.”

The Guild of Psychotherapists

Senior Administrator

The Guild of Psychotherapists - London, U.K

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