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Skedda automates the booking process for users and admins. As the owner, you get to choose who can book. Perhaps it should be the general public, or only invited users, or only invited users with a custom tag, or only a selected set of booking administrators. Your users can easily and securely authenticate themselves by linking their existing service (Google, Facebook, Twitter or Microsoft) or by using a password.

Admins can create user bookings, internal bookings and block out space as unavailable. Admins can also move, edit and cancel bookings from the day, month, grid and list views. Admins can repeat bookings by day, week, month and year.

Regular users that have booking privileges can create bookings for themselves in a self-service manner. You can control the extent to which they do so through hours of availability, booking windows, quotas, and cancellation/end-early policies. You can also create booking conditions per space, like min/max booking times, strict block-bookings, and time windows where bookings are denied. Regular users can repeat bookings by week, add notes to admins and manage their personal and contact information.

At all times, you and your users are kept in the loop with our reliable user and venue notifications. Emails come from Skedda if you're using our CORE offering, and you can go PRO to white-label them. Naturally you can also customize the content of booking-confirmation emails and add custom notes/instructions that users will see when they book.

Choose to take payments for user bookings with ONLINE PAYMENTS .

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