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Skedda empowers your scientists, technicians and students to self-service book the use of your valuable equipment while adhering to your usage policies.

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Infinitely customizable.
Quick to set up.

Tailor Skedda's innovative features to match your unique scheduling scenarios, then confidently accept self-service bookings - no coding required.

Customized Laboratory Booking System

The power and flexibility your institution needs

Lab time is valuable. Skedda eliminates costly inefficiencies and mishaps with clever features like quotas, buffer times and guaranteed conflict-prevention. Get everyone on the same page and make the scheduling of your lab resources an afterthought.
This graphic shows the various features that Skedda offers to simplify scheduling and booking for desks, rooms, courts, studios, labs and more.

Focus on what matters,
not space logistics

Untangle your organization from the headaches that come with managing your spaces. Experience our award-winning scheduling solution today.  

Skedda is a booking platform with a near-five-star average rating on Software Advice.
Skedda is a booking platform with a near-five-star average rating on G2.
Skedda is a booking platform with a near-five-star average rating on Capterra.
Skedda is a booking platform with a near-five-star average rating on GetApp.

A platform for your people

Optimized at every corner to be the new favorite product of your students and administrative staff. Mobile-friendly and accessible from anywhere. Smart, simple and easy to use.
Joe Seymour
Joe Seymour
IT Support Specialist
PVH Corp
"The platform has been amazing for PVH. The interactive floor plans are the best. The functionality within the platform almost felt custom built for our organization.

The team loves it. They can easily book space, see which clients we have in and how many people are at each table. It's been huge for us!”
Bookable academic lab

Questions we often hear from labs

How can staff and students stay up-to-date with the real-time schedule?

How can we prevent double-bookings?

We only want staff and students to interact with the scheduler: Can it be private?

How can we enforce different booking rules across user segments?

We’d like to give some students the ability to book some of our spaces for one or two terms only. How can we manage invitations and access?

Skedda can answer these questions, offering you a secure, reliable and visual scheduler that’s easy to get everyone using.

Skedda offers a powerful policy-enforcement features, like quotas, buffer time, booking conditions and advance-notice rules.
Skedda offers a beautiful, interactive, scalable and custom floor plans and maps from which users can create bookings for your spaces.

We’ve scored top marks on all major review platforms

We understand that trust is important. We offer a platform with a proven track record that you can rely on.

Skedda won Capterra's "Best value" award in 2020
Skedda won Software Advice's "Customer Support" award in 2020
Skedda won G2's "Momentum Leader" award in 2020
Skedda won Capterra's "Best ease of use" award in 2020
Case Studies

Explore the Skedda difference

Discover how organizations across the globe have implemented Skedda to reduce administration and automate complex booking tasks.
Chris Visser
Chris Visser
Ryerson University
Skedda provided our students an intuitive map-based reservation system across the different floors of The SLC. Skedda stood out above and beyond other applications.
Augie Harrison
Augie Harrison
Prager & Co
Skedda's interface, permissions management and iCal features make it a great solution for us. The customer service is fantastic and the team are committed to timely and thoughtful enhancements.
Claire Highton-Barge
Claire Highton Barge
We demoed other systems but Skedda was by far the best for a medium-sized business trialing hot desk booking for the first time. Our staff are loving it!
Miranda McCurdy
We use Skedda every minute of the day! We tried out many scheduling applications and Skedda far exceeded others in functionality. The user experience is unmatched!

Focus on what really matters. Automate the rest.

Remove the hassle of manually managing rules, policies, limitations & payments. One-time setup. Let smart automations do the work for you.
  • One-time platform setup
  • Interactive maps
  • Rock-solid data security
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Self-service bookings
  • Policy-enforcing features

Feature-packed, simple to use.

What if you never had to worry about space logistics again? Skedda is full to the brim with easy-to-use, highly-customizable features that cater specifically to your needs.

Booking Calendar
Get the full picture at a glance with multiple calendar viewing options.
Automation Rules
Automate the enforcement of your policies, rules and data-collection requirements.
User Management
Precisely control how your users should be able to interact with your scheduler.
Take the booking experience to the next level with our gorgeous interactive maps.
Online Payments
Securely accept online payments with full PCI/PSD2/SCA compliance.
Options
Use existing credentials via SAML SSO, Google, Facebook, Twitter or Microsoft.
Mobile Friendly
Empower your users to self-service book from any device, anywhere.
All-star Support
Our friendly and knowledgeable team is always ready to help you.
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