Skedda’s Features

All the ingredients you need for intelligently managing your space

Booking Calendar

Streamline your booking-management with flexible day, month, grid and list views

Your Skedda calendar is the focal point for your venue's bookings. It provides the perspectives you need to digest all activity at a glance. You can choose to share your unique calendar URL (e.g. with the public, or enforce privacy through secure invitation links and logins.

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Online Bookings

Empower users to create their own bookings

Skedda enables your users to self-service create and cancel bookings while respecting the rules and policies you specify — conflict-prevention guaranteed! Of course, you get full control over who can book, whether it's the general public, or invited users, or users with a particular tag, or only admins.

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Client booking system

User Management

Manage how your users interact with your venue with custom user tags

Skedda lets you tailor user experiences by granting custom tags. These tags can be included in the invitation links you send, ensuring that each user is tagged automatically. Numerous features of Skedda can vary by tags, including booking permissions, quota allowances, pricing, custom fields, coloring and exemption from online payments.

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Online booking engine

Rules, Policies and Notifications

Automate the tricky, time-consuming parts of your venue while staying in the loop!

Your venue likely has special terms, policies and rules to which users must adhere. Skedda can automate these so that you can open up your venue to self-service bookings and save time today! Customize how far in advance users can book with booking-window rules. Customize how late people can cancel with a cancellation policy. Customize overall booking allowances with quota rules. Customize strict blocks and duration constraints with booking conditions, and customize fixed and variable pricing by day, time, space, duration and user.

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Mobile Friendly

Access Skedda from anywhere

Skedda is a cloud-based solution, meaning it's accessible from any internet device. The experience really shines on phones and tablets: your users can easily add your venue's progressive app to their device's home screen and use it to effortlessly create and manage bookings on the go.

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Power Up Packs

Power Up Packs

Power up your Skedda experience with our paid packs

Skedda offers three optional paid packs that unlock more generous limits and additional features: PRO, INTEGRATIONS, ONLINE PAYMENTS.

Paid packs can be added to your venue’s subscription at any time and for any length of time. An initial 30-day free trial is card details necessary!

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