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Booking Calendar

Manage, digest & navigate seamlessly

Your Skedda calendar is where the action happens! It's the focal point, where you can easily view and manage your bookings. Toggle between the unique Day, Month, List, Grid and Map calendar views to easily digest booking activity.
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Skedda offers a powerful booking calendar with multiple views and a modern user experience
Scheduling Automation

Clever automation does the work for you

Skedda allows organizations to automate tricky, time-consuming parts of managing your bookable spaces. Our numerous policy-rule features mean you can set up conditions once & forget the stress. Say goodbye to booking headaches once and for all!
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Skedda offers a powerful policy-enforcement features, like quotas, buffer time, booking conditions and advance-notice rules.
User Management

Decide how your users interact with your spaces

Easily make decisions regarding how users can interact with your schedule. Configure visibility, time and duration restrictions, strict blocking restrictions, quotas, buffer-time rules, advance-notice rules and more, all based on our novel "user tagging" approach. Set up the specifics once and leave Skedda to manage itself!
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Skedda offers a industry-leading user-management features for bookings, based on our clever user-tagging concept.
Maps / floorplans

Interactive maps with real-time availability

Allow your users to view availability and book directly from a live, intuitive, interactive map. Custom designed to perfectly match your layout, maps take the booking experience to the next level. Amaze your users with a complete visual of your location!
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Skedda offers a beautiful, interactive, scalable and custom floor plans and maps from which users can create bookings for your spaces.
Online Payments

Take online payments with Stripe

Take online payments securely for your bookings with fully-integrated payment processing through our partner, Stripe. Collect funds upfront or with our unique ‘Book Now, Pay Later’ option. Our platform provides you and your customers with the options & confidence you need.
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Skedda is a booking platform that offers online payments through Stripe.
Options

Log in without passwords

Streamline the way your users authenticate with Skedda. We support logging in with existing Google, Facebook, Twitter & Microsoft accounts, plus full SAML 2.0 SSO support. Keeping security tight and user-administration seamless is a breeze.
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Skedda offers SAML 2.0 Single Sign-On as well as Google, Facebook, Twitter and Microsoft OAuth2 login options.
Mobile Friendly

Access Skedda while you’re on the move

Interact with Skedda while you’re on the move, from the palm of your hands. No need to rush back to your PC or laptop, Skedda is accessible from anywhere. Whether you’re on a smartphone or tablet, Skedda’s mobile experience really shines.
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Skedda offers a modern mobile booking interface for your users.
All-star Support

Friendly, fast & knowledgeable help

Our friendly, all-star team will make sure you always have the assistance you need with 24-hour availability during the week. We love solving problems & helping our customers get the most out of the Skedda platform.
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Skedda is a booking platform with an all-star support team. Reach out to us with any questions you have!
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