The Online Calendar

Streamline your booking-management with flexible day, month, grid and list views

Online Scheduler With Day View

The day view will be the hub of your daily interactions. Quickly and effortlessly navigate through days and use our drag/drop/resize feature to intuitively manage bookings. Bookings can be created directly on the scheduler or through the "+ add a booking" button. Navigation between spaces is simple with your keyboard or using the ‘go to space’ tool. Finally, you can also segment spaces into space views - great for organizing areas such as floors and departments!

Online Scheduler With Month View

The month view is a classic "wall-calendar"-style view that can be used to get an overview of your working week and the weeks ahead. Hover over a booking to see details in a handy popover, create new bookings using the master ‘+ add a booking’ button and manage existing bookings with just a few clicks.

Online Scheduler With Grid View

The grid view is a neat Skedda feature that you won’t find on traditional scheduling apps. Arranged by space, this view gives you a breakdown of all bookings by the days of a month. The space-views feature can also be used here to filter on convenient subsets of your spaces.

Online Scheduler With List View

The list view is the place to deep-dive into your bookings. Here you can search, filter, print and export your booking information. Each booking in the list can be expanded to show its full details, including the holder's contact information. The full suite of booking-management options is available from this view as well, and infinite scrolling is of course supported (no more annoying reloads as you page through a list)!

Booking activity log

The booking activity feed lets you trace the booking actions (booking created, changed, cancelled or charged) of all users. This feature is perfect for answering those important "Who did that?" questions. The last 24 hours of activity is included with CORE, and you can upgrade to the PRO PACK to get access to the last 90 days of activity.

Share your calendar. You decide whether your calendar should be public (CORE) or private (available with PRO). Inviting your users to interact with your calendar couldn't be easier: simply share your direct account link (e.g. If you need fine-grained control over permissions, we also let you build and share custom "tag-based" invitation links.

Segment your spaces into calendar views

Drag and drop new and existing bookings

A shareable calendar URL with view options

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