“The Skedda software has been really great....I've gotten immediate feedback. It’s easy to use with versatile functionality.”

TRAINM is a Belgian-based neuro rehabilitation center. It is the first and only outpatient neuro rehabilitation center to offer patients personalized, high-intensity therapies by a team of doctors and therapists. Their approach leverages non-invasive brain stimulation, neurotechnology, virtual reality, neuro-gaming and robotics.

TRAINM needed a scheduling system to manage the use of their robotics resources across 4 different floors by many different therapists. The team also wanted a visual scheduling system; something that could be shared with therapists, admins and their patients. With this unique use case, Nilofar (CEO of TRAINM) saw the potential in the Skedda thanks to the flexible nature of bookable spaces.

How does this work day-to-day? TRAINM’s robotic machines are the bookable spaces on Skedda. The regular users are the patients, but with a view-only access. This means that the patient names can easily be selected by admins and identified on the scheduler, but bookings cannot be edited by patients themselves. We don't store any sensitive patient information - merely a name, email and contact number. The therapist initials are added to the notes field of each booking. Color-coding additionally allows teams to quickly see where each therapist is active, what patient they are with and what machine they are using. Since joining Skedda, TRAINM has added more of their resources to their scheduling board.

TRAINM provides compassionate care and we’re delighted to be able to help with the scheduling side of things. More information on TRAINM can be found here:

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