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“Skedda has saved us hours in staff time whilst also increasing usage for our free meeting rooms. I loved how easy it was to get set up - we were up and running with Skedda within days!”

Spokane Public Library has locations around the city of Spokane, Washington. They are an invaluable resource to the Spokane area. Library services include bookable meeting rooms, a coworking and collaborative space, regular and varied events, and a digital library! You can find out more about Spokane Public Library here: http://www.spokanelibrary.org.

Spokane public library

Spokane came on board with Skedda in June 2017, offering ten meeting rooms across six library branches. The team at Spokane was looking for a user-friendly booking system which would allow community members to view availabilities and book meeting rooms directly (without having to contact a library employee). Before Skedda was introduced, employees were spending a significant amount of time coordinating reservations for rooms in Spokane's locations through a complicated system of email-client calendars.

Spokane now loves the ability for community members to glance at the visual scheduler and book spaces directly. They also have two rooms that can be booked as one, so the space-sharing feature makes this experience seamless!

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