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“We use Skedda in four workspaces; Split, Lisbon, Marrakesh and Cape Town. Our travelling communities find it quick to view which meeting rooms and phone booths are free on a daily basis. Before Skedda, we were using Google Calendars to manage rooms. Now we are able to centralize the workspaces which helps our growing communities book without interrupting their workflow or crowding their work calendar.”

Remote Year is a platform for individuals to work and travel together, so the provision of productive spaces from which to work is one of the most important operational components. Remote Year uses Skedda to centralize workspace bookings for meeting rooms and phone booths.

Before Skedda, each city team had a different way of organizing shared space for the programmes that came through their city’s coworking spaces. Some coworking spaces set up a shared Google Calendar, some set up a pen-to-paper schedule and some left it as a free-for-all! This meant that 'Remotes' had to get used to a new scheduling process every four weeks. And with a 5:1 ratio of Remotes to bookable spaces, this often led to double bookings.

One city team began to use Skedda and the Remotes liked having one central place to book and check in on availability for the day and week ahead. The Central Operations Team decided to introduce the use of Skedda to all Remote Year cities in Europe. They found this extremely easy due to Skedda’s central login system - an individual only needs one login to access all the venues she is associated with. A login with Skedda is created with an email and a password, or by social sign-on with Google, Facebook, Twitter or Microsoft. When Remotes arrive at a new city they are sent the new coworking space’s venue link, and they can view and create bookings right away, without the need for re-registering.

Now, Remotes can create bookings from anywhere and also end their running bookings early (freeing up the space for their peers)!

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