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“Skedda has in many ways allowed us the creative freedom to experiment with new types of booking models and dealing with our clients and members. Part of what makes Skedda great is the team behind it who are so friendly and hard working. A total breath of fresh air. Our studios emphasize personal relations and community spirit, our members being like family. I feel like Skedda's approach is similar, so we really click.”

Noatune Studios is an independent recording studio in the heart of Hackney, London. The team at Noatune delivers a wide range of professional audio and music services, including recording albums, voiceovers and podcasts. Noatune is London’s first and only studio members club. Their beautiful studios can be admired on their website:

In late 2017, the team at Noatune set out to find a new scheduling system. They were looking for something that would allow their members to manage their own bookings, whilst also keeping track of availability across their studio spaces.

Noatune offers a standard membership as well as monthly bundles with different discount levels. With Skedda’s versatile user-tagging system, Noatune was able to create user tags for each member option and tag their clients accordingly. Pricing conditions were set up by session length and user tag across all of their studio spaces. With their pricing structure automated, members can now book online. The team at Noatune can of course quickly book clients in over the phone too.

Our team helped with configuring the pricing conditions and are on hand to answer any scheduling questions that come up via the in-app chat. We provide quick support so venues can get on with what they do best, like creating incredible and professional sound!

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