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“Murroe Wood Park highly recommends Skedda, not only for its simple and easy-to-use system for both admins and users, but also for the team behind the product. It's all well and good having a great product, but the people that support and assist you through implementation issues are the key! We look forward to working with Skedda into the future.”

Murroe Wood Park is a community recreation and sports facility with a 4G-certified all-weather pitch. Murroe Wood’s goal is to build on Murroe’s great community spirit by supporting healthy lifestyles, sports activities and events for the local area and beyond!

Murroe Wood Park needed an online booking system that was easy to use. The system needed to support various price points for different user types, as well as a way to take online bookings for the entire pitch or its parts without any risk of double bookings.

Nick from the Murroe Wood Park team found Skedda and came on board in October 2017. Nick was initially attracted to Skedda's ease-of-use and quick implementation. Through live in-app chat, Nick was able to reach out directly to us. We helped Nick setup pricing pricing conditions for the different types of customers (affiliated clubs, non profits, schools). Anyone without a user tag can also freely book with standard pricing, and Skedda is linked to their website along with their general terms and conditions.

With the space-sharing feature, Murroe Park can automatically take online bookings for the entire pitch or thirds of the pitch without the worry of conflicts! Murroe Park also accepts online payments with Stripe. Old-school booking requests are a thing of the past!

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